Hermle Movement Date Codes

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Hermle clock movement 341-020 Identification
9 Tubular Bell Hermle 1171-890 Identification
Hermle 1151-053 clock identification
341-020 clock movement identification

How old? Hermle Movement Date Codes

Dating a Hermle clock movement by decoding the date code stamp. This is to know when the movement was made and decide if the clock has lived its life and is time for a new one. After finding the Hermle movement date code, it can be figured out how old the clock movement is with the below chart. If the clock is over 20 years old it is time to replace it. If the clock is under 20 years old is the only time to consider fixing the movement.

Date Code System Change

Prior to using Hermle movement date codes, early movements before the year 1987 have just the stamp of the year on the back of the clock movement, 81 just means 1981. From 1987 on they used letter codes instead of numbers to represent the year made. Such as the year 1988 is only marked with the letter A instead, and 1989 is the letter B, and 1990 as the letter C etc.
Hermle Movement Date Codes

76 = 197677 = 197778 = 197879 = 197980 = 198081 = 198182 = 198283 = 198384 = 198485 = 198586 = 1986
87 = 1987A = 1988B = 1989C = 1990D = 1991E = 1992F = 1993G = 1994H = 1995I = 1996J = 1997
K = 1998L = 1999M = 2000N = 2001O = 2002P = 2003Q = 2004R = 2005S = 2006T = 2007U = 2008
V = 2009W = 2010X = 2011Y = 2012Z = 2013AA = 2014AB = 2015AC = 2016AD = 2017AE = 2018AF = 2019

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