Clockworks International Order Fulfillment

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Clockworks International Order Fulfillment

Clockworks International Order Fulfillment is an option for our products, however there are some guidelines to go by in order to provide this service.

International shipping method used is in the USA. We do offer worldwide shipping and most of our international orders ship for a flat rate. Upon checkout, select USPS for small international packages. If you want your package expedited (priority mail is 6-10 business days) then select that option upon checkout. This is usually much more expensive, but it is available.

Clockworks cart calculations

If you are ordering a large amount of items, or items that are heavy (such as clock weights) the shopping cart does not always calculate the correct amount for shipping. We will contact you in the event that this occurs. Also, first class international mail can take at least 30 business days to deliver. We have no control over this and the US Postal Service will not even attempt to do a trace on it until 30 business days have passed. Please do not contact us asking where your package is unless it has been at least 30 business days.

Clockworks is not responsible

We are not responsible for any customs charges, taxes, duties, etc. for you to pick up your clock parts. All international packages get sent out as merchandise and with a value of the contents. What each country does with that information is not known to us so it is the customer’s responsibility to pay any fees associated with an international purchase. The customer is also responsible for all shipping charges. This includes any errors that may occur. If a product is coming or going to you, the customer, is responsible to pay it.

Out of Clockworks hands

If you place an order, and we ship it out, our job is all done. If you never get the package, we will not reimburse you for this. If you get the wrong item we will not reimburse for this either. In other words, all expense, all risk, all custom fees, all shipment costs, are on you the customer.

International package theft

We have shipped so much product to certain countries and people just do not get what we send. If you are ordering from a country that is dealing with issues on postal theft, we cannot take responsibility for this on our end. We are a small company and just cannot absorb this sort of expense.
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Do you work on cuckoo clocks
Do you work on cuckoo clocks

Do you work on cuckoo clocks


Yes we do!

We sell cuckoo parts and movements here:

We also do repairs for more information see this link: