Super Torque Clock Hands

Super Torque Clock Hands - "I" Shaft quartz clock hands for High Torque battery operated quartz clock movements. - Clockworks
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High Torque Hand Information

Use High Torque Clock Hands on larger clock dial diameters. Subsequently, these hands require a high torque clock movement that is run by a battery. Of course, these hands are for the American standard "I" shaft quartz movement that use a battery. The minute hand will have an oblong mounting hole and likewise the hour hand will have a round one. Altogether, the minute hand mounts on the oblong shaft of the clock movement. High torque hand information is important to know in order to choose the right ones.
How to measure the minute hand

Sold as a pair with both hour and minute hands. Styles vary depending on length and the longer hands will have a tail with counter balance.

Mounting the clock hands

The first piece of high torque hand information is mounting the clock hands. All in all, mounting the high torque hands to the high torque clock movement is easy. First, the hour hand is a friction fit so push it onto the post. Furthermore, push it down as far as it will go without it touching the clock face. Second is the minute hand which has the oblong hole. Similarly, it mounts on the tip of the oblong shaft of the movement. Finally, secure it with one of the hand nuts.

High Torque Hardware info

The second piece of high torque hand information is selecting the correct hand nut. There are two hand nuts that come with a new clock movement from Clockworks. One is a donut, which use with a second hand, and has a hole in it. Likewise, the other nut is a cap nut which has no hole and covers the entire tip of the post. Of course, a second hand requires the use of a donut and not a cap nut. This hardware comes with the purchase of a new movement, does not come with hands only purchase.

High torque hands checklist

That concludes the high torque hand information on the mounting procedure. To sum up, some things to look out for: the hour hand is not rubbing the dial and the minute hand is not rubbing the hour hand. Equally important, be certain the minute hand is not rubbing the glass door or anything else during its sweep around. In fact, these hands should be parallel and cannot come in contact with anything. If any of these things occur, the movement will not run. Not to mention, causing frustration in the process.

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Tapered battery operated long hand

Tapered High Torque Hands


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Long High Torque Clock Hands

Spade Style High Torque Hands

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Long High Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High Torque Hands


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