Quartz Clock Movement Parts and Accessories

Quartz Clock Movement Accessories

The following are accessories that fit the quartz clock movements that Clockworks offers. There are many different types of quartz movements on the market, hence we specifically state these items are for the movements that we sell. Of course Clockworks encourages organizations to offer clock building as a fun project. Therefore, each product is available with bulk pricing for schools and other large orders. Please email the request for a quote on bulk purchases.

Quartz Clock Pendulum

Quartz Clock Pendulum

Quartz clock pendulum that will work on any battery operated pendulum unit offered by Clockworks. A Quartz Clock Pendulum Bob is the round disk at the bottom of the quartz clock pendulum. In fact, these quartz pendulum bobs come in three different sizes to choose from. First, measure out the length of the rod that is appropriate for the clock. Then, slide it on the end of the pendulum rod.

Item #Q-BOB

Q-BOB: $6.00$8.00
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Quartz Clock Steel Hanger

Quartz Clock Steel Hanger

This is a steel hanger for quartz clock movements. Thus, hang the clock on the wall by this steel hanger instead of by the clock case. Specifically, these hangers fit AA battery movements only. So simply install it by slipping it over the hand shaft post.

Item #Q-HANG

Q-HANG: $0.40

Quartz Clock Movement Hardware

Quartz Clock Movement Hardware

Quartz clock movement hardware for time only clock movements that run by a battery. Of course all movements that Clockworks sells includes a hardware packet. However it is always good to have extras on hand in case a cap nut gets lost. So all hardware packs include a rubber washer, a brass washer, a hex nut, a doughnut, and a cap nut. Additionally, these hardware packs are for posts that have threads which are 5/16 in diameter only. In other words, it is what the hex nut will screw onto, the 5/16 wide post.

Item #Q-HW

Q-HW: $0.75

Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

A versatile product for multiple types of clocks or craft projects. Use clock Numerals or dial numbers to replace missing ones on the clock dial. Additionally, use these numbers to create a clock dial out of whatever material the clock is to be made out of. Of course, it is always fun to be creative and incorporate these numerals in a variety of projects and not just clocks. In essence, these are sticky numbers that peel off and press on to whatever material the dial is made out of. However, Clockworks recommends using some more glue to secure them. The sticky back is not always sticky enough to hold them in place for a long time.

The best glue to use with these are the clear epoxy. So mix the glue and let it stand for about 5 minutes. Then it will be set as well as being clear. Furthermore, the brass numbers, in addition to the largest plastic numbers, do not stick on their own. Above all, remember to apply epoxy in order for them to stick to the dial. So either way, if using the self sticking or the non self sticking clock numerals the clear epoxy is a good idea for both.

Arabic Numerals

Stick Numerals in Arabic

These Numerals have a sticky back to them so they will mark the dial or wall when they come off.

Item #DL18

DL18: $5.00$30.00
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Roman Numerals

Sticky Roman Numerals

For a more permanent method, drill and screw these clock numerals or dial numbers in place.

Item #DL19

CL19: $5.00
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Brass Tone Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

Gold-Tone Clock Dial Numerals

Shiny brass color aluminum clock numerals for modern floor clock dials. Measurement is the overall height. The 1 1/8 inch size is for grandmother clocks and the 1 5/16 size is for grandfather clocks.

CD2: $20.00
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Quartz Clock Second HandsSecond Hand InstallationTo Tighten the handPerformance Options

Quartz Clock Second Hands

Second hands come in black, gold, or red. They are measured from the mounting post to the end. These will fit the AA battery units and also the Cell Super Torque units. However they do not come extremely long, and the C cell Super Torque is not made to run an extremely long second hands anyway. Only the hour and minute hands can be long on these units.

Second Hand Installation

Quartz clock second hands have a hollow tube to mount it on the movement. This hollow tube mounts onto the pin that is inside the tip of the movement. In other words, the mount is by friction fit onto the quartz clock movement. Install the second hand by placing the tube over the pin in the hand shaft and push down. If the hand cannot make the uphand swing from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the dial, the tube may need tightening so the fit is tighter. Likewise, if the second hand just flops down as soon as it is on the pin, then tighten it in the same manner.

Second Hand Tightening

This is not the usual situation, but it does happen. The tube on the Quartz clock second hand is split so tightening it to achieve a better friction fit is easy. Squeeze the tube slightly with needle nose pliers and it will be tight again. Remount the hand as before and it should climb the hill no problem. Alternately, sometimes the tube will not go onto the pin at all because the tube split is too close. Open the tube slightly on the Quartz clock second Hand, or push a little harder, and it will go onto the pin.

Performance Options

There are two types of quartz movements that run these hands. The first type are step motion movements. Step motion movements have Quartz clock second hands that jump from one second to the next. Each second is visible because the second hand bounces as each second goes by. Even though the second hand bounces, they do not make a loud tick tock sound as one might think. In fact, most people say they cannot hear it at all unless their ear is right up against it. The second type are sweep motion movements. Sweep motion movements have a second hand that scrolls smoothly around the dial. There is no jumping of the hand as it goes around. The M7 battery units from Clockworks are continuous sweep, our Super Torque units are step motion.

Item #SH1

Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
1 7/16"
1 13/16"
2 1/2"
SH1: $1.00
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Item #SH2

Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
2 3/4"
SH2: $1.00
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Item #SH3

Quartz clock movement second hand clockworks.com
3 1/2"
4 1/2"
SH3: $1.00
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Super Torque Clock Hands - "I" Shaft quartz clock hands for High Torque battery operated quartz clock movements. - Clockworks
High Torque HandsDescriptionHand InstallationHardware NotesTrouble Shooting

High Torque Hand Information

Use High Torque Clock Hands on larger clock dial diameters. Subsequently, these hands require a high torque clock movement that is run by a battery. Of course, these hands are for the American standard "I" shaft quartz movement that use a battery. The minute hand will have an oblong mounting hole and likewise the hour hand will have a round one. Altogether, the minute hand mounts on the oblong shaft of the clock movement. High torque hand information is important to know in order to choose the right ones.
How to measure the minute hand

Sold as a pair with both hour and minute hands. Styles vary depending on length and the longer hands will have a tail with counter balance.

Mounting the clock hands

The first piece of high torque hand information is mounting the clock hands. All in all, mounting the high torque hands to the high torque clock movement is easy. First, the hour hand is a friction fit so push it onto the post. Furthermore, push it down as far as it will go without it touching the clock face. Second is the minute hand which has the oblong hole. Similarly, it mounts on the tip of the oblong shaft of the movement. Finally, secure it with one of the hand nuts.

High Torque Hardware info

The second piece of high torque hand information is selecting the correct hand nut. There are two hand nuts that come with a new clock movement from Clockworks. One is a donut, which use with a second hand, and has a hole in it. Likewise, the other nut is a cap nut which has no hole and covers the entire tip of the post. Of course, a second hand requires the use of a donut and not a cap nut. This hardware comes with the purchase of a new movement, does not come with hands only purchase.

High torque hands checklist

That concludes the high torque hand information on the mounting procedure. To sum up, some things to look out for: the hour hand is not rubbing the dial and the minute hand is not rubbing the hour hand. Equally important, be certain the minute hand is not rubbing the glass door or anything else during its sweep around. In fact, these hands should be parallel and cannot come in contact with anything. If any of these things occur, the movement will not run. Not to mention, causing frustration in the process.

Item #HTH1

Tapered battery operated long hand

Tapered High Torque Hands


HTH1: $13.00
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Item #HTH3

Long High Torque Clock Hands

Spade Style High Torque Hands

17 3/4"
HTH3: $13.00$15.00
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Item #HTH8

Long High Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High Torque Hands


HTH8: $9.00
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