Quartz Clock Movement Second-Hand

Second Hands for Battery-clocks



Battery Clock Second Hand

For quartz clock movements that take a battery. The second hands come in Black, Gold, or Red. Measured them from the mounting post to the end of the long side pointer of the hand.

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Second Hands for Battery-clocks

These Second Hands for Battery-clocks have a specific design for clocks that take a battery with quartz movements. They are available in Black, Gold, or Red options. To determine the appropriate length, measure from the mounting post to the very tip. If the length is slightly excessive, you can be easily trim it with scissors.

Installation is a breeze since the Second Hands for Battery-clocks features a hollow post that securely fits onto the pin of the quartz movement. If the fit is too tight or loose, adjustments can be made by using needle nose pliers. All you need to do is gently widen or narrow the post opening.

It's important to note that these second hands are optional for all mini movements. Clocks that run by these battery movements can function with or without the inclusion of second hands.

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Weight0.01 lbs

2 3/4 Inch (70mm)


Red, Black, Gold

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