Hole-End Mainspring Replacement Service


Hole-End Mainspring Replacement Service

Send us your clock barrel and we will swap out the mainspring within that barrel with a new one, and send it back.

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HEMS-Service: $75.00

Hole-End Mainspring Replacement Service

Send us your clock barrel for our Hole-End Mainspring Replacement Service and we will swap out the mainspring for a new one. The price for this service is $80 which includes the cost of the mainspring. When you check out online, you will be paying for return shipping. This shipping charge is your prepayment for the barrel to be sent back to you.

We will remove the broken or worn mainspring from the barrel in a safe way. Then measurements of the thickness and width of the spring will be taken. To get the correct length, we have to stretch out the old spring and measure that as well. Next we will take those measurements and match them up to the chart.

This will ensure the correct spring will be put into the barrel. We have this inventory right here so installation is done quickly. So the next step is the actual installation of the spring. This is done with a special tool which known as a mainspring winder. After that your new spring will be back on its way to you.

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Weight1 lbs

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Jacobus Manse
Jacobus Manse
3 months ago

I have an old carriage clock that needs a new main spring when I took out the old spring
the barrel hook? Came out .can you replace that when replacing the main spring ?

1 month ago

I have a Seth Thomas pre 1950, that I think the mainspring is broken. This is my first attempt at clock repair so I admit ignorance. The spring is housed in a totally enclosed “barrel”. Is that something you guys can repair/replace?