Quartz clock movement installation

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Quartz clock movement installation

In essence, this is a quick step by step practical guide for the quartz clock movement installation. The first step is to get the old unit out of the way. Sometimes this is straightforward and sometimes it can be tricky.

Of course, this is done by removing the hands from the clock. Some clocks will have a glass bezel that will have to be taken off in order to get to the hands. Every clock is different so thoroughly look your clock over to see how it was put together.

Then remove the hex nut that is on the post where the hands were. In essence, the movement will fall out the back of the clock dial.

On occasion, the movement will have glue holding it in place. So, if this is the case, very gently pry the movement off of the back of the clock with a screwdriver.

Now it is out of the way and installation of the new quartz clock movement bought from Clockworks can be done.

Likewise, Quartz clock movement installation is usually very easy. Altogether, these are the assembly instructions for the time only quartz clock movement into the clock case.

Sequential order of installation

  • 1. Place the steel hanger over the post with the threads (optional)
  • 2. Place black rubber washer on the post next (optional)
  • 3. Start mounting the movement by putting the post through the dial
  • 4. Then on the front of the dial, slide the brass washer onto the post of the movement.
  • 5. Put the hex nut on post and tighten so it holds the movement to the back of the clock face.
  • 6. Push hour hand on the post by friction fit
  • 7. Put the minute hand on the post
  • 8. If using a second screw the doughnut on to hold the minute hand in place. Then install the second hand now by friction fit. The post just sticks onto the pin at the end of the post.
  • 9. If not using a second hand just secure the minute hand with the pretty cap nut.

The movement installation is now complete

Naturally, this applies to all clock movements that take a battery available on Clockworks.

For example, chiming quartz, time only, and high torque. Of course, the exception to this would be clock inserts.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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monty baze
1 year ago

how come my quartz clock dont tick tock

monty baze
1 year ago

how come my quartz clock dont tick toc

Diana Desern Powers
Diana Desern Powers
9 months ago

I’m having trouble fitting the minute hand on the post. Are they universal? I have battery movements purchased at craft store but the hands were purchased from Clockworks.

leanne watt
leanne watt
7 months ago

replacing movement/battery area of quartz clock, post is not big enough on replacement to screw hands back onto??

Huxley Walters
Huxley Walters
6 months ago

Recently, I purchased a clock movement from you for a custom installation on a whisky barrel head, which is about 1.25″ thick. The shaft on the movement is too short to penetrate the depth of the barrel head. The issue will require me a) to recess your movement in the back of the oak head or b) to secure a movement with a longer shaft on the movement. Do you offer a movement with a shaft longer than standard? Thanks, Huxley

6 months ago

I just received my replacement but it is chiming on the half hour. How do I move the hands so it chimes on the hour?

Valeri Antoine Trudeau
Valeri Antoine Trudeau
5 months ago

Recently received a car clock with a quartz installed. One wire attached. This is to be connected to a live power source? I suppose the negative connection is achieved when the clock is re-installed?

Thomas Nunn
Thomas Nunn
3 months ago

Heavy Duty External Quartz Pendulum Drive
Will not swing pendulum. Ok on the bench without pendulum
Size 12.5 ounces , 41 inch stick fresh C batteries

Thomas Nunn
Thomas Nunn
3 months ago


John Scherer
John Scherer
22 days ago

I have followed the instructions but the chime is about 2 minutes off (it chimes two minutes after the hour. How do I correct this?

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