Chime Quartz Movement Installation

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Chime Quartz Movement Installation

The following is the basic installation for a chiming quartz movements from Clockworks. However, each unit is varied with the chime functions and speaker style. Therefore, the individual instructions need to be read for this information.

Installation sequence

Installation of the chime quartz clock movements is done in the following sequence.

1. Hanger and rubber washer

Hanger goes on the new movement first if there is one, and then the rubber washer. Both go over the post that sticks out the front of the movement. The separate hanger is how the QU22 is shipped, where as the QU30 has it molded as part of the movement, and QU40 does not get one.

2. Installation of the chime movement

The post goes through the back of the dial toward the front. Install the brass washer and hex nut on next to secure the movement to the back of the clock dial. A clock dial is the part with the hands and numbers on it and is also called a clock face. Know the names of the parts is always helpful in completing a quartz movement installation.

3. Hour hand

The hour hand goes on as a friction fit. All it needs is just a twist and push motion.

4. Minute hand

The minute hand has an oblong hole and mounts onto the oblong shaft at the end of the unit. Therefore, the minute hand needs the nut to secure it.

5. Second hand

Additionally, if there is a second hand this goes on just by a friction fit and this would be last. Use fingers to push it onto the pin that is in the center of the post.

6. Finishing up

In conclusion, to complete the chime quartz movement installation, turn the minute hand to make it chime and strike out the hours. Point the hour hand to whatever hour it rang out. Take the minute hand off the clock and reinstall to point close to the 12.

7. If the chime is not on time

Given these points, if the minute hand will not point exactly on the top of the hour, here is the correction. Locate the circle hand setting knob on the back of the movement. Hold knob still this still with fingers while turning the minute hand to the top of the hour. Next time it will point right at the 12 mark when it chimes. This is the end of the chime quartz movement installations.

Chime Quartz Movement Installation
The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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