Mechanical – Quartz Clock Conversion Kit

Mechanical Clock To Quartz Conversion

Offering an economical alternative to the mechanical replacement unit. Using this kit the clock will no longer need to be wound up or adjusted for time keeping. The clock will now be a battery operated clock instead of a mechanical unit.

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Chiming quartz clock movement with the best sound by

QU40 Chime-Pendulum Clock Movement

Starting at $60.00

Heavy-Duty Clock Pendulum Drive

Mechanical Clock To Quartz Conversion

Offered here is a economical alternative to the mechanical replacement unit. The clock will be battery operated, and still look and sound the same. This easily installed kit contains everything needed. It has the chiming quartz clock movement and the pendulum drive. (Only needs to have the hands picked out.) With just some minor alterations, you will mount the movement to the back of the dial. Then mount the pendulum drive to the back of the clock case.

Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive

5 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 2"

Heavy duty Clock pendulum drive

No Chime

Heavy Duty External Quartz Pendulum Drive. The strongest battery operated pendulum swinger available. This can run largest metal grandfather clock pendulum on the market along with added weight.

Operates on two C cell batteries (not included)

#QU40 Four Melody Chime (Best Sound)

4 9/16" x 4 3/4" x 1 1/8"

Chiming Quartz clock movements

West Ave Maria Bim Bam Hour Strike

Song options: Westminster every quarter or Westminster, Ave Maria, Bim Bam options on the top of the hour only. Includes a light sensor and will be silent automatically if its dark in the room. Hands for this unit are sold separately.

  • Volume control
  • Includes a pendulum
  • AutoNight Silence Switch
  • Light sensor for chime off

About the movement

The QU40 quartz clock movement is the best sounding unit on the market. It will sound just as a mechanical clock chime. It will also have some added benefits. The volume control can make it very loud or soft this was not possible on the old mechanical unit. This quartz unit also have multiple chime options and an auto night silence switch.

QU40 Instructions

Mounting the movement

The QU40 quartz clock movement will mount to the back of the clock dial. If the clock dial has phase of the moon it can have gears in the way of this. The QU40 would need a flat surface to mount up to the dial so these things would need to be removed.

About the pendulum drive

This is a new product on the market. Never before was there such a strong pendulum drive produced like this one. It will run any pendulum length or weight that a mechanical unit has run in the past. It will mount to the back of the wood clock case with wood screws.

Parts no longer needed

Mechanical movement is getting swapped for the quartz unit instead, so it is no longer needed. The new quartz movement will come with hands so these are not needed either. Chime block will no longer be used from the clock case and can be removed and discarded. The only things needed from the old mechanical kit is the dial and the pendulum. Weight shells also if they are to be hung as decoration to have the clock look the same.

Weight modifications

The clock weights are heavy so it is best to make them lighter. With the weight removed from the outer shell, it can be hung for decoration. A portion of the chain or cable from the mechanical unit could be used to hang the decorative weight shells. With a little attention the clock can look just as it did with the mechanical movement.

What will not work

Dial's clock moon dial disk that indicates the lunar cycles will no longer spin. If the clock has a moon dial that is. If there is a separate second hand sweep portion on the dial, the quartz unit will not have this feature. There will no longer be a second hand spinning with in that circle. Someone could epoxy the second hand to the dial so at least it looks right.

The point of no return

When a Mechanical - Quartz Clock Conversion is used, there is no going back. At least it would not always be easy to go back to a mechanical movement. So please be sure this is what you would like to do for the long run.

Steps to Take - the short version

  1. Remove the old movement and all related parts
  2. Mount the quartz movement to the back of the dial
  3. Mount the external pendulum drive to the back of the cabinet and hang the pendulum.
  4. Remove lead from weight shells and hang the shells for decoration

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Post length

5/16 Inch, 7/16 Inch, 11/16 Inch

QU40 Chime-Pendulum Clock Movement

Weight0.3 lbs
Threaded Post Length

5/16 Inch, 7/16 Inch, 11/16 Inch

Heavy-Duty Clock Pendulum Drive

Weight0.2 lbs

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Brandon Kaczmarek
Brandon Kaczmarek

I will be building a grandfather clock soon and I was considering getting the quartz conversion kit rather than a mechanical movement. I was wondering how the size of this kit compares to other kits. How much does the pendulum swing and how wide would the case have to be? Also, what would the depth of the case have to be for this particular kit? Thanks

Ray Aubert
Ray Aubert

Regarding the “post length”. I assume you mean the thread length portion, not the total length. Is that correct?


Hi. The clock that I have has a pendulum. I want to buy a quartz conversion unit. I’m not sure which one to order. Please help

Leslie Fitzgerald
Leslie Fitzgerald

I have a Emperor grandfather clock, model 100M. Circa 1970. Does your instruction manual include removal of the old clock face? If its a hassle can I purchase a new clock face to fit?

tony sacco
tony sacco

I have a Hermle 1171-850 movement with a Lyre Pendulum. Will this conversion kit fit? and what functions will it replace. I assume:
1. Lyre pendulum movement (with optional pendulum drive)
2. quarter hour chime (west only)
3. auto night shut off
4. second hand support
5. West or Ave Marie hourly chime
6. I have no use for the supplied pendulum? is that correct
7. Can I use the original second hand; hour and minute hand with the new quartz movement?

Charles T Edwards

Does the quartz movement or the pendulum drive provide a tick tock sound?


What determines the thread length? Why does it matter?