Clock Repair Kits

Anniversary clock repair

Anniversary Clock Repair Kit

Basic tools and parts to repair the 400 day AKA Anniversary clocks. These clocks are called this as they only have to be wound once a year. Usually this day will be a yearly holiday or event as to remember to wind the clock. View Page
Cuckoo Clock Repair

Cuckoo Clock Repair Kit

Cuckoo clocks are tricky sometimes for sure. They truely can drive someone cuckoo, but with this helpful information and basic supplies you can know how to do your own basic service on your cuckoo clock with out going cuckoo. View Page
Watch Battery Tools

Watch Battery Tool Kit

The watch battery changing service is a nice addition to any jeweler or watch and clock repair center. If a person is lacking any of the items on this kit, watch battery replacing would be a tricky thing to do, as they would not be able to do waterproof watches. View Page
Clock Cleaning Kit

Clock Cleaning Kit

Clock cleaning kit includes a Ebook with alot of simple fixes to allow a person to perform there own repair and maintenance on there clock. With these supplies you can keep your clock running for a much longer time. There is no shipping charge on a Ebook as it is a PDF. View Page