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Watch Battery Tool Kit

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The basic items required to change watch batteries as a service or hobby. With these tools a person would have what is needed to open most watches in existance on the market. The only exceptions include Rolex as they have a different style opener.

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Watch Battery Tool Kit Description

The Watch Battery Tool Kit contains the basic items you need to change watch batteries as a service or hobby. With these tools you will have what you need to open most watches in existence on the market. But there are exceptions, such as Rolex, that have a different style opener.

Watch Battery Tool Kit
The Kit Includes:

Watch Back Press

Watch Back Press

Watch press for putting the back onto a watch. The use for this tool is frequently on watches such as Movado or Fossil or any other watch that has a very tight fitting back. You will find that closing a Movado without this tool results in a broken crystal, and therefore bent hands and scratches on the dial.

Get this simple tool to support the watch by its case during closing. You can also use this for installation of plastic watch crystals.

Watch Opening Tools

Watch Opening Tools

This opener is for opening the backs to waterproof watches. Consequently, this is a very easy to use tool and will work on about 80% of the waterproof / water resistant watches in existence. However, the only exception to this would be Rolex and a few others.

Comes complete with a sturdy wooden Box to keep it in. Usually you would only use the round pins so you will not have to change the pins for every use. First, install the round pins. Then with the watch held securely in place with the above holder, line up the top pins with the notches in the back of the watch and press down while turning the back off.

So turning the back to the right will tighten it and to the left will loosen it. In most cases, you will only be using the two top pins of the tool, leaving the bottom not in use. Be sure to press down hard as to not let the tool slip off the watch causing a scratch mark on the watch back.

However, this opener and holder set will open about 85% of all the screw back watch cases in existence. Also includes the snap style watch case opener.

Precision Screwdrivers

Precision Screwdriver Set

Another important tool is the set of 6 Precision Screwdrivers for the removal of the stem and crown, and to release the battery clamp.
5pc Tweezer Set

5pc Tweezer Set

In addition, another very useful item is this tweezer set. It comes with various shapes for picking up small screws and handling parts.

Vision Visor

Vision Visor

This magnifier can be worn over glasses. This fits over the head and will be the most convenient magnification for inspecting important components of the clock movement and parts. This quality tool is made here in USA and is a must for this type of work.

This flips up over the head when there is an interruption in your work and has 2 1/2 magnification power.

Vision Visor

Plastic Tweezers

Plastic tweezers enable you to pick up watch batteries without draining or shorting out the battery.

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Eli Pashko
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Finally found this, thanks Clockworks!