Watch Tools

Watch Repair Tool Open Kit

Watch Opening Kit

Waterproof / water resistant watch case opener with its four pin holder. This opener and holder set will open about 90% of all the screw back watch cases in existence. Also included is the snap style watch case opener.

WT1: $30.00
Watch Repair Tool Rolex Opener

Rolex Opener

Hand held opener for Rolex watch cases. This opener comes complete with six dies with the measurements of 29.50mm + 28.30mm + 26.50mm + 22.50mm + 20.20mm + and 18.50mm.

WT2: $60.00
Watch Repair Tool Back Press

Watch Crystal Back Press

Glass fitting press for fitting mineral watch crystals. Also used for pressing down on stubborn snap watch backs when replacing batteries. Comes with 12 dies.

WT3: $40.00
Watch Repair Tool Holder

Watch Holder

This is a clamp-able watch holder that helps in removing a screw off back. The four pins on this unit are adjustable to watch case sizes.

WT4: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Battery Tester

Watch Opener

Waterproof watch opener opens about 90% of waterproof watches out there. Have the watch secured by a holder and match up the nubs in the tool to the holes in the back of the watch.

WT5: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Case Knife

Case Knife

Perfect size for opening snap back watch cases. The handle material may vary between wood and plastic.

WT6: $5.00
Watch Repair Tool Crystal Cement

Crystal Cement

Great for cementing crystals. Apply a Small bead around the bezel of the watch and insert your plastic or glass replacement crystal. Instructions

WT7: $15.00
Clock Repair Tools

Magnetizer Demagnetizer

This tool is easy to use and very effective. Stick the tool through it and the tool is now magnetized. Do it again and the tool is now demagnetized. Works great with the Multi-tip screwdriver.

WT8: $10.00
Watch Repair Tool Back Press

Poly Watch

Removes scratches from plastic crystals. You put some poly watch on some cloth and wipe the crystal scratches right out of the plastic crystal.

Watch Repair Key Set

5 key Watch Key Set

Set of two 5 prong pocket watch key set. This covers 10 sizes of the most common size keys needed for key wound pocket watches.

WT10: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Pin Vise Set

Pin Vise Set

Set of 4 pin vises with capacities from .0mm to 4.65mm. Very useful to hold watch tools such as cutting broaches or to hold stems.

Watch Repair Tool Link Remover Kit

Link Tool Kit

This is one of the most popular system for removing push pins from metal watch bands. The side of the watch slides into the wooden slots and then use the pin with the small hammer to remove the watch band links.

WT12: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Hand Remover

Hand Remover

Removes hands in a straight upward motion as to not bend them. This style remover is best for larger watches. If the hands are not pulled off straight, when you go to put them back on they will often be too loose. This is from pulling off sideways and making the hand hole larger.

WT13: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Hand Remover Tool

Presto Hand Remover

This hand puller is for wrist watch size watches. The smaller the watch the more you need a hand puller tool as the hand hole is easily distorted.

WT14: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Micrometer

Micrometer 0-25mm

Micrometer Reading 0 - 25 mm. This tool is used for many measuring tasks in watch and clock repair.

CT24: $22.00
Watch Magnifier

Vision Visor

This magnifier can be worn over glasses. This fits over the head and will be the most convenient magnification for inspecting important components of the movement and parts. This quality tool is made here in USA and is a must for this type of work. This flips up over the head when there is an interruption in your work and has 2 1/2 magnification power.

CT17: $31.00
Watch Parts Organizer

Parts Organizer

Small part containers with removable glass caps. Comes in a aluminum box with 24 of the small containers with the glass tops within it.

WT17: $12.00
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Watch Organizer

Watch Organizer 18pc

18 containers that are aluminum with friction fit lids that have solid glass tops. These are great to store watch movements and you can see what is in the containers becuase of the glass. The containers are 1 13/16 in diameter and come in a nice wood box to hold the containers.

WT38: $25.00
Watch Repair Tool Crystal

Crystal Remover

This tool is to open front opening watches that require the plastic crystal to be removed to get the movement out. There is no other way to get the movement out in some watches without this tool.

Spring Bar Watch Repair Tool

Spring Bar Tool

Spring bar tool, to remove leather watch bands from the head of the watch. The actual style on these may vary from the picture, but one end has the pusher and the other end has the fork split to release spring bars and band from the watch.

WT20: $10.00
Watch Repair Tool Pocket watch keys

Watch Key Set

Set of 14 pocket watch keys that cover every size. This key set is for the old style key wound watches with the winder on the back side of the watch.

WT21: $15.00
Watch Repair Tool Link Remover pin pusher

Link Remover

This tool removes the excess links easily with its 3 sized pins to push the band pins out in a straight and steady motion with no scratches or scuffs. Made of stainless steel.

WT22: $20.00
Watch Repair Tool Screwdrivers

6pc Screwdrivers

Six precision screwdrivers, four sizes of the flat head and two phillips style. The blades have a rust resistant black oxide finish, and they are made of durable chrome molybdenum steel. The top rotates for ease of use and they also have a nice grip.

CT14: $17.00
Cuckoo Clock Parts Tweezers Set of 5

Tweezers x 5

Stainless steel tweezers in a package of five in a plastic pouch. They come in different styles and strengths so there will be the right one for the particular application.

WT37: $18.00
Watch Repair Tool PW Holder

Pocket Watch Display

This is for displaying the hunter style pocket watches. This can display the watch with the lid open on the closed case hunter style pocket watches.

WT27: $25.00
Watch Repair Tool Display

Pocket Watch Display

This is for displaying the open face pocket watches. You would hang the pocket watch on the display and put in a glass display cabinet until the next time you wear the watch.

WT28: $30.00
Watch Repair Tool Loupe

20x Loupe w Case

10x power loupe good quality with leather case. This power magnification is very strong, it is as if the object is 20 times the normal size.

WT29: $20.00
Watch Repair Tool Glass Brush

Glass Brush Set

These are glass brush set of 3, twist the top to have the brush come out the bottom at desired length.

WT30: $10.00
Watch Repair Tool Staking Set

Staking Set 120pc

Deluxe watch staking set with 120 pieces and stand. Click the picture for better view. Comes in a wood box with a glass top. There are many pieces to this assortment to do any watch repair staking tasks.

WT32: $350.00
Watch Magnifier

Stand-Up Rolex Opener

Stand up style Rolex watch opener with multiple sized dies to open oyster style watches. This is the preferred opener compared to the flat style as the watch gets locked into position so there is less chance of slipping and scratching the watch.

WT39: $90.00
Watch Hand Press

Watch Hand Pressing Tool

This is a watch hand installer tool as it presses down evenly on the watch hand as to not distort the mounting hole. This is spring loaded with 6 dies.

WT34: $35.00
Watch Staking Block

Staking Block

This hexagonal staking block is used frequently as it has various sized holes for many purposes. Good to find the perfect fit for an arbor to be held to be able to restake a wheel.

WT35: $20.00