Glass Brush Set of 3 for Watch Repair

Glass Brush Set of 3 for Watch Repair

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Glass Brush Set of 3 for Watch Repair

This is a glass brush set of 3. Simply twist the top to have the brush come out the bottom at whatever length you need. Perfect for use on any glass surface. This set comes in three different sizes of brushes.

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Glass Brush Set

This is a Glass Brush Set of 3 for Watch Repair. So all you have to do is twist the top. That enables the brush to come out of the bottom. You are then able to regulate whatever length you may need.

This is a very simple and easy tool to use. It will work on a variety of glass surfaces. This set has 3 different sizes of brushes to choose from. So whatever task you may have, there is a perfect size for ease and convenience.

Scratches will disappear with the use of these tools. Color coded for easy identification when working on a project. Also has a comfortable plastic handle with a smooth grip. These are small enough to get into tight places and large enough to make any task a breeze. Retract the bristles when not in use to keep them straight and fresh for your next task. Highly recommended for any repair station.

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Vitale Klitchkov
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