K or MS Series Moon Dials

The moon dials that are on this page are specifically for K or MS series Kieninger Clocks. General information on Kieninger moon dials: uses different moon dial mechanisms, including gear-driven and cam-driven systems. Dials often use brass or silver for the discs and cutout, but other materials are also possible. Some Kieninger moon dials depict the moon’s age, while others show its phases. High-quality moon dials are designed to stay accurate for years with minimal adjustment. It is getting increasingly difficult to find good quality Kieninger clock moon dials. But the ones that are available are extremely sturdy and beautiful with ornate features. So the ones here are just the K or MS series Moon Dials.

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    turned_in_out K or MS Series Moon Dials

    Kieninger SKS Clock Moon Dial

    Kieninger SKS Clock Moon Dial that is 11 wide x 15 1/2 inches tall to the top of the hump. The dial has Arabic numerals on a silver chapter ring. The entire dial has raised decorations throughout.

    SKS-Moon: $140.00