Quartz Clock Second Hand

Quartz Clock Second Hand



Quartz Clock Second Hand

Second hands for quartz clock movements that take a battery. Second hands come in Black, Gold, or Red. The measurement being from the mounting post all the way out to the tip. The measurement can also be done off of the clock face.

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Second Hand for Battery Movements

Second hands for quartz clock movements that take a battery. The second hands come in Black, Gold or Red. The measurement is from the mounting post all the way our to the tip to get the correct length. Alternately, you can measure from the center of the hole in the clock face straight out to the number 3 and that will also give you the correct length to order. If it is a bit too long, snip the tip with a pair of scissors. These are very easy to install. The hand has a post that simply pushes onto the pin that is in the center of the post on the clock movement. It is a friction fit so just push it on. Sometimes the barrel on these second hands can pinch together making it difficult to push onto the post. If this occurs, there is a slit in this barrel that can be pried open a bit so that it can push onto the post. Conversely, if the barrel is too loose, just use a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze it together so that is stays on the pin without falling off. These second hands are optional on all mini movements which means the clock can run with or without it.

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Weight0.01 lbs

1 3/4 Inch (44mm), 2 1/8 Inch (54mm), 2 7/8 Inch (73mm), 3 5/8 Inch (92mm), 4 Inch (102mm), 4 3/8 Inch (111mm), 4 3/4 Inch (121mm), 5 Inch (133mm)


Gold, Red, Black

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Jon M. Di Vall
Jon M. Di Vall
1 year ago

Hi all! I just installed a new Electronic Quartz Movement, model #U40p to replace worn, broken movement in my 25 year old Herman Miller Chime, Pendulum wall clock.( It comes with speaker in a black plastic box to mount in case, for reference). I finished install and it sounds wonderful…like real tubular chimes. Even on full volume, it’s not too loud tho. My older unit was actually louder!
My question tho: I installed the second hand by pushing it’s pin into the hole in shaft tip. Trouble is: I rotates WITH the minute hand! And it shouldn’t! Anyone know why? Thank you.