High Torque Quartz Clock Movements

High Torque (Any dial diameter 3" to 30")

High Torque Quartz Clock Movements are geared special on the inside of the unit stronger as to take more weight. The C cell units are stronger than the AA units and would also last longer with the very long hands. The post that is being measured is as described on the above diagram. This is the threaded portion of the movement that goes through the dial face and needs to be long enough to mount the hex nut onto this post, in the front of the dial face. This means the movement is just mounted to the dial and nothing else, then you can put you're hour hand on, and then the minute hand with its nut.

AA Cell High Torque #HT1 High Torque Clock Movements

The AA high torque quartz clock movements are much stronger than the low torque models. They have a threaded post diameter of 5/16 and a case dimension of 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 1/2D. The long hands for these movements are offered below.

High Torque Clock Movements

Every High Torque Quartz Clock Movements comes with the mounting hardware and also a metal hanger to mount it to the wall. We offer a large variety of hands on this same webpage also.

C Cell High Torque #HT2

High Torque Clock Movements

The powerful C Cell high torque movement is the strongest on the market before getting into the electrical units. The case dimension = 2-3/4"H x 2-3/16"W x 1"D. The long hands for these High Torque Quartz Clock Movements are offered below on this same web page.

HT2: $25.00
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Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

A versatile product for multiple types of clocks or craft projects. Use clock Numerals or dial numbers to replace missing ones on the clock dial. Additionally, use these numbers to create a clock dial out of whatever material the clock is to be made out of. Of course, it is always fun to be creative and incorporate these numerals in a variety of projects and not just clocks. In essence, these are sticky numbers that peel off and press on to whatever material the dial is made out of. However, Clockworks recommends using some more glue to secure them. The sticky back is not always sticky enough to hold them in place for a long time.

The best glue to use with these are the clear epoxy. So mix the glue and let it stand for about 5 minutes. Then it will be set as well as being clear. Furthermore, the brass numbers, in addition to the largest plastic numbers, do not stick on their own. Above all, remember to apply epoxy in order for them to stick to the dial. So either way, if using the self sticking or the non self sticking clock numerals the clear epoxy is a good idea for both.

Arabic Numerals

Stick Numerals in Arabic

These Numerals have a sticky back to them so they will mark the dial or wall when they come off.

Item #DL18

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Roman Numerals

Sticky Roman Numerals

For a more permanent method, drill and screw these clock numerals or dial numbers in place.

Item #DL19

CL19: $5.00
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Brass Tone Clock Numerals - Dial Numbers

Gold-Tone Clock Dial Numerals

Shiny brass color aluminum clock numerals for modern floor clock dials. Measurement is the overall height. The 1 1/8 inch size is for grandmother clocks and the 1 5/16 size is for grandfather clocks.

CD2: $20.00
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