Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands #HTH8



Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands for the standard “I” shaft battery clock movements.

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Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands

Serpentine High-Torque Clock Hands for the standard "I" shaft battery clock movements. The hour hand will have a round hole and is installed with a push and twist by friction only. The minute hand will have an oblong hole. The oblong hole just fits over the movements "I" post and is secured with a mounting nut.

Quartz clock hands are measured by the minute hand only, from the mounting hole to the end. The hour hand comes with the pair, but only measuring the minute hand. The hour hand will just come shorter proportionately.

About High-Torque clock hands

High-Torque clock hands are any minute hand over 5 inches. Of course, they need a strong battery movement known as High Torque. To get the correct size, measure the minute hand only, from the center of the mounting hole to the tip.

You will receive one set of hands, minute and hour, from that one measurement. The hands we sell are known as the USA standard “I” shaft type. This means that the minute hand has a oblong hole and the hour hand has a round hole.

Styles vary depending on length

Longer clock hands have (and require) a counter weight on the back end of the minute hand. Consequently, they will look somewhat different than the shorter hands of the same style. This is the way they need to be in order to operate the small battery high-torque clock movement.

Thus, if the counter weight was not there, the long high-torque clock hands would not be able to climb uphill to the top of the hour.

Mounting Method

The quartz Clock Hands that we carry fit on any battery movement we offer. In essence, there are two types of battery clock hands in the world. One is the China standard and one is the American standard.

The China standard has round holes in both the hour and minute hands. However, the American standard has an oblong hole in the minute hand and a round hole in the hour hand. Thus fitting the American "I" shaft. All of the hands we carry fit "I" shaft movements. Therefore we sell only "I" shaft quartz movements.

Quartz clock hand compatibility

When replacing a high torque movement, and talking about High-Torque clock hands, be aware the old hands may fit the new movement just fine. If there is an oblong hole in the minute hand, chances are it will fit. The hour hand will always fit the new quartz movement.

Only the minute hand (the longer of the two hands) is a concern. If in doubt, it is best to just order new hands for the new movement upon checking out. The order would now be complete for a smooth movement swap out.

How the hands are sold

When talking about High-Torque Clock Hands, it is a set of hands that you will receive. However only measure the minute hand when replacing the set.Measure the long hand from the mounting hole to the tip. The short hand, which is the hour hand, comes in the set with the minute hand.

It is proportionally smaller. See our High Torque movement and hands section. A Second hand will fit any of our movements, including the high torque clock movements. However, second hands do not come in very long lengths.

Mounting quartz clock hands

Mounting the high-torque clock hands is easy. First, put the hour hand on as a friction fit. Just twist and push it on. Second, install the minute hand, with the oblong mounting hole. Push it onto the "I" shaft, at the tip of the hand shaft, and screw on the nut.

Finally, if wanting a second hand, use the nut with a hole in it. If you are not using a second hand, use the cap style nut so it looks pretty.

About High-Torque clock hands

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Minute Hand Length

9 Inch (229mm)


Black, Gold

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Charles Von Biggs
Charles Von Biggs
4 years ago

I need to replace a CT-678 mechanism, what should I get?