451/1151 High-Bridge Suspension Post Length Issue

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451/1151 High-Bridge Suspension Post Length Issue

On rare occasions 451/1151 high bridge units have the suspension post longer on the new movement than the old one, although both units may be High Bridge. This may cause issues with the pendulum interfering with the chime block. This is usually no issue at all and the clock will function like it ever did. Just bend the hammers on the new unit to the rods as described in the instructions. If the pendulum is hitting the chime rods after the unit is installed, please continue reading.

The old shorter style pendulum suspension post was a short time and is now obsolete and unobtainable. For those who have purchased a unit with this occurring, below are the options for resolving this issue.

451/1151 Suspension Post Resolutions

  • 1. If there is a spacer or a cross brace the chime block is supported by, it may be possible to remount the chime block back further in the case. The hammers on the unit are meant to be bent back as per instructions dictate.
  • 2. If the pendulum is hitting the bottom area of the chime rods, it maybe possible to angle the entire block, so the rods are closer the the back of the case. This is done on the top portion of the block that is holding all the rods. Just put a small spacer to angle the entire block at once.
  • 3. Swap the old suspension post, with the crutch / verge from the old one to the new one. Sometimes, it is required to make the pivot hole in the front of the movement larger by reaming it out some.
  • 4. Sometimes adjusting the feet at the bottom of the front of the clock case, will make the pendulum stop bonking the chime rods, if this is the situation.
  • 5. Send both the new and the old units to us so we can do the above number 3 swap. Shipping cost for the return label, the reshipping both or one back your choice, and $40 to do it. Total cost around $80.
  • 7. Return the movement for a refund and ditch the project.

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