Hermle 451 and 1151 Front-Plate-Post-Issue

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Hermle 451 and 1151 Front-Plate-Post-Issue

Hermle 451 and 1151 Front-Plate-Post-Issue, is that on rare occasions, the 451/1151 high bridge units have a post on the front plate of the movement that you have to remove. This is evident when attempting to put the dial on the clock. The post may hit the components on the back of the dial causing the clock to act up in a variety of ways. The solution to this issue is to just remove this post. It may sound crude, but to remove it, simply bend it over with a pair of pliers. The installation is by friction fit which makes this simple to do. It will bend over and snap off with a little bit of force. The function of the clock has no bearing to this post. If you have questions on how to do this, please feel free to contact us via email and we will be happy to help explain it.

Hermle 451 Series Front-Plate Post Issue

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Don Smith
Don Smith
1 year ago

How to turn on chimes 451-050 movement from a hentschel clock showing a mason & Sullivan nameplate

Peter Roy
Peter Roy
10 months ago

I just installed a Hermle 1161-850. It operates fine when the front plate is removed. When I install the front plate it will strike forever.
I am wondering if the problem is the one discussed in Hermle 451 and 1151 Front-Plate post issue or is it something else.
Thank you for any help you can give.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith
3 months ago
Rating :

I finally solved the issue thank you.

lou merkt
lou merkt
1 month ago

I need the gear for the moon dial the new works did not have it on the works is 1151–050

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