Removing Hermle Quartz Movement

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Removing Hermle Quartz Movement

Removing A Hermle Quartz movement is done by removing a unique mounting nut. It is not the typical 6 sided hex nut like most units have. Instead, it is a nut that has slots on both sides of the hand shaft. It's just a different way of securing the Hermle Quartz movement to the back of the dial. The slots on the nut have a deep collar with threads that go through the front of the clock dial to screw into the movement. This is in opposition to the common style quartz unit that has a post with threads and utilizes a hex nut. That is the hex nut on the front of the clock face to secure the movement.

Double sided sticky tape method

If the movement mounts to the dial by double sided sticky tape, carefully pry the movement off the back of the dial leaving the dial in tact.

Steps to remove a Hermle quartz

  1. Remove the second hand. Pull it straight and it will come off.
  2. Remove the minute hand nut by turning the nut to the left while holding the hand still.
  3. Take off the hour hand, it is a friction fit only. Pull toward you.
  4. Take off the nut. It is an unusual nut that holds the movement. This nut has a slot on each side. It may be on tight, so it is not always easy to take this off. A special tool to take this nut off is no longer available, will have to improvise. Using two big flat screw drivers, put one on each side of the nut and twist. Be careful not to scratch the dial, because it is easy to slip and make a long scratch on the face.
  5. The movement will now fall out of the back.

Removal is complete

With the Hermle quartz movement out of the clock case, now we can determine the best substitute movement. There are several to choose from.

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Robbin Goossens
Robbin Goossens
11 months ago
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Thank youso much for the article.

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