The best Hermle quartz clock movement alternatives

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Hermle quartz clock movement replacement options

The best Hermle quartz clock movement replacements are listed in priority below. What this means is the closest to the old size, with the best sound quality is rated best on top of the list. Its also priced in this order also, highest to lowest.

  1. MSO Quartz
  2. QU40 Quad Unit
  3. QU30 Seiko Quartz
  4. QU22 Takane Quartz

Hermle quartz clock movements are no longer available, so these are the alternative replacements. They usually decide to give up the ghost at daylight savings when the time is adjusted.

Hermle units include the following series numbers

  • 2215 (Westminster and Ave Maria pendulum units)
  • 2115 (Westminster and Ave Maria non pendulum units)
  • 2214 (Westminster and Bim Bam pendulum units)
  • 2214 (Westminster and Bim Bam non pendulum units)
  • 2216 (Westminster and Silent Night pendulum units)
  • 2116 (Westminster and Silent Night non pendulum units)
  • 2117 (Ships Bell strike, non pendulum)

Note on the 2117 - There is no quartz unit on the market in today's world that will play ships bell strike unfortunately. It is a tricky situation with these as there is no quartz replacement for this one. You can go with the mechanical if you do not mind spending about $500 and some time / patience. It will be a conversion process and could be involved. please contact clockworks if you would like to pursue this.

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