The best Hermle-quartz clock-movement-alternatives

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The best Hermle-quartz clock-movement-alternatives options

The best Hermle-quartz clock-movement-alternatives, or replacement are found in the list below. The list is in priority of the best replacement choice to the least. What this means is the closest to the old size, with the best sound quality has the best rating and is on top of the list. It also has the price in this order also, highest to lowest.

  1. MSO Quartz
  2. QU40 Quad Unit
  3. QU30 Seiko Quartz
  4. QU22 Takane Quartz

Hermle includes the following numbers

Hermle quartz clock movements are no longer available, so these are the alternative replacements. They usually decide to give up the ghost at daylight savings, or when there needs to be an adjustment in the time.

  • 2215 (Westminster and Ave Maria pendulum units)
  • 2115 (Westminster and Ave Maria non pendulum units)
  • 2214 (Westminster and Bim Bam pendulum units)
  • 2214 (Westminster and Bim Bam non pendulum units)
  • 2216 (Westminster and Silent Night pendulum units)
  • 2116 (Westminster and Silent Night non pendulum units)
  • 2117 (Ships Bell strike, non pendulum)

Hermle quartz ships bell note

Note on the 2117 - Unfortunately, there are no quartz units on the market that will play the ship's bell strike. It is a tricky situation with these as there is no quartz replacement for this one. You can go with the mechanical movement if you do not mind spending about $500 and some time and patience. It will be a conversion process and has quite a bit of involvement. Please contact Clockworks if you would like to pursue this option.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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Haven J Hood
Haven J Hood
2 years ago

I need a replacement for Hermle Quartz 2112 clock mechanism ( no chime hook up needed) that is in a Ridgeway Wood Mantle Clock. Can you help me? Haven Hood [email protected]om

Haven J Hood
Haven J Hood
2 years ago

James Thank you And how do I order the recommended parts?

2 years ago

the minute and hour hands have stopped moving but the second hand still is working on my Shipstrike clock, Hermle 2117. Is there a way to fix this?

Stuart Macleod
Stuart Macleod
1 year ago

I need a replacement clock movement for a Hermès 2212, are they still available? If not can you recommend an alternative, preferably with a better sounding chime, my daughter whose clock it is says that hers was very electronic sounding.
Thanks. Stuart

1 year ago

Dear Members
I have an old quartz clock from c. 1986. It was given as a gift when I left a particular job and I am very fond of it, but it stopped working some years ago. I have found that the quartz movement/mechanism is Hermle 977. However, I can’t source a replacement movement on the Web. Is it possible that anyone knows if an alternative movement would be available? The movement mechanism measures 4cm squared.

Tanveer Jafri
1 year ago

R your product particularly the simple quartz movement available in India?

Jaromír Tomka
Jaromír Tomka
1 year ago

what machine can I use to replace the hermle quartz 2212 with a pendulum?

Thank You.

Allen DeWitt
Allen DeWitt
4 months ago

I have a clock that has a hermle 2115 movement. I got a replacement, but it just doesn’t sound near as good as the hermle. What are my options for a good sounding replacement?

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