Hermle clock movement 1051 – 1050 series notes

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Hermle clock movement 1051 - 1050

Hermle clock movement 1050 or 1051 units are spring driven and triple chime. They are made by the Hermle clock company of Germany.

The movement

All the Hermle clock movements 1050 or 1051 units have a 120mm plate size. Spring driven and triple chime movements are popular with bracket style cases. These units take a number 8 key to wind it and one wind lasts 8 days on a full wind. Also, it is available in a balance wheel version such as the 1050-020 or the pendulum version like the 1051-020.

The Hermle clock movement hand shaft length is either 27.6mm long or 33.2mm long. Hence, the last number of the movement is indicative of this length. So, if it says 0 as the last number it has the 33.2mm hand shaft and if it has the 1 instead like 1051-021, it has the 27.6mm hand shaft. The Hermle clock movement hammer location is either back, bottom, or side. In other words, the hammers that strike the chime rods on a Hermle clock movement can be on the back of the movement, the bottom of the movement, or on the side of the movement.

The Chimes

A Hermle clock movement will play Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington on the quarter hours for chime options. After it plays out the top of the hour chime, it will strike out the hours.

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