Notes on the Hermle 461 series clock movement

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461 Hermle Clock Movement

The Hermle 461 series clock movement is either chain or cable driven, three weight, Westminster chime unit. It is the same movement as the 1161 series, but Westminster only instead of triple chime. In other words it plays one song instead of three. But really, people with triple chime clocks only listen to Westminster in the end because it sounds the best. The 461-853 is the most used of this series and is the most produced 461 also.

The movement

What is being offered on this web page is the 461 series clock movement only with out the pendulum, chimeblock or dail. These movement come as the movement itself with its hand nut and new chains or cables, also comes with the suspension spring and leader.

The support

We been working on clocks for 100 years in this family. If stuck, just as for help. In fact it does not matter if its 10 years from now, if questions, ask them by all means. The warranty on this movement from the factory is 3 years.

The speed

To get a clock movement overhauled can seem like forever. Besides costing 3 times the amount of money as the new one, it can also take months to finish. When its done, get a working used movement back and hope it works. Not with the new one! Ships today, already oiled, instructions to put it in, no knock offs it is the same unit, the choice is obvious. The new one will come with the cables and pulleys already installed, or the chains depending on what one, its already oiled and ready to go.

  • A fraction of the price of an overhaul
  • Should last 25-30 years, an overhaul would not
  • Instructions and expert support
  • Hermle Clock Movement of Germany
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Víctor M
Víctor M
2 years ago

Q. I’ve 451-853B 114cm, can I replace it with 461-853S 114 cm?

Ron Silver
2 years ago

I installed my Hermle 461-853, the clock keeps accurate time, however, the chiming doesn’t sync with the movement. When it shows 9:30 the hour chimes 12 times and the 15 min chimes 4 times. How do I fix this problem?

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