1161 Hermle Clock Movement Notes

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1161 Hermle Clock Movement Notes

The 1161 Hermle Clock Movements are great that is why there is so many made. They work night and day for 30 years without much complaint. So here is some information on these fine German made units.

Names on the Movement

The name maybe a number of makers on the movement, but it was made by Hermle not them. It may say Howard Miller, or Ridgeway, or Sligh, or many other names. If the number on the clock movement starts with 1161- its really made by the Hermle company. They let these companies to have there name on the movement instead of Hermle.

Chain or Cable Drive

This movement was made in both cable driven and also chain driven styles. The 1161-853 is the most popular and the most produced Grandfather clock movement in the world. When ordering a new movement it will come with the chains or cables with the pulleys.

Hermle movement 1161-853 Clock Weights

This clock movement takes three clock weights to run. The weights should be close to 8 or 10lbs, and does not have to be exact. Even though it does not have to be the exact weight, here is the exact weight specification from the factory. If the pendulum bob is less than 8 1/2 inches wide, it will take two at 7.7LBS and one at 9.9LBS. If the pendulum bob is 8 1/2 inches in diameter or larger, it takes two weights at 9.9LBS and one at 7.7LBS. Often they will have a 10 1/2 inch bob with the two at 7.7 and one at 9.9 and the customer says it ran 30 years like that.

Weight Placement

The placement for the clock weights on this series is the following. The heavy weight will go on the right as facing the clock if one heavy and two light. If there is two heavy weights and one light weight, the light one will go on the left as facing the clock. So what this means is the middle time train weight is variable light or heavy depending on pendulum bob diameter.

1161 Hermle Clock Movement Songs

This is a triple chime unit that plays out a melody on the quarter hours and then on the top of the hour it will strike out whatever times the hour is. The songs this one plays choice of the following. Westminster, Saint Micheal, or Wittington and also a silent option. For an additional cost is it able to have an auto night shut off switch (ANSO), this will make the clock quiet from 10pm to 7am on its own without intervention.

The Support

Please note the factory will give a three year warranty. However we are clock makers here at Clockworks.com and we have been doing this sort of thing for a long time in this family (over 100 years of experience). If have questions or concern in whatever amount of time, we are not going to turn down a response, we answer whatever questions even a decade later, it really does not matter. We take care of our customers in whatever way we can. The movement comes with instructions and any questions beyond the instructions can be emailed, chatted, or called in.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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