150-070 Hermle Clock Movement


150-070 Hermle Clock Movement

The 150-070 Hermle Clock Movement runs 8 days on a single wind. It has strike hammer(s) that will strike out the hours a the top of the hour, and strike once for the half hour.

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150-070: $240.00

150-070 Hermle Clock Movement

The 150-070 Hermle Clock Movement runs 8 days on a single wind. It replaces the 140-070 also, this is the same movement but used to be a 14 day wind up movement, now it will be an 8 day unit. It has strike hammer(s) that will strike out the hours a the top of the hour, and strike once for the half hour. The 150-070 Hermle Clock Movement has a 85 x 98mm outer plate measurement. They all take a #8 size .

Ordering a Hermle Clock Movement

To order a Hermle clock movement you need the numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself. Match the numbers up so the new movement will be exactly the same as the old one. Replacing the movement is a fraction of the price of a repair. It is also the fastest way to get the clock up and running again.

Clock movement removal and installation

Removing and installing the clock movement requires the most basic tools. If you can change the spark plug on your lawn mower, this will be a breeze. All of the Hermle clock movements are in stock and ship immediately. We are full time clock makers and retailers. This means we can help you from start to finish. If you need assistance in picking out the correct Hermle clock movement, installation or troubleshooting, we can help. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Matching the CM when ordering a Hermle Clock Movement

This note only applies if the current Hermle clock movement has a pendulum. Please match up the CM length from the back plate of the old unit to the new one. The options in the drop down menu ultimately indicate stock items that are available. However, if there is a CM number that is needed and is not listed, we can usually create it by changing some gears. If this is the situation please give us a call. There is an extra fee for regearing the movement. Usually this is an additional fee of $30 to $40.


Replacing a clock movement is less costly than an overhaul. The movement will last another 25 years before needing any work. Since it is still in production, and offered at a very reasonable price, it makes sense to replace the movement. The clock will be problem free right away, instead of months. Plus it will inevitably last longer than an even the best overhaul. There is no way you can get better than brand new. So please make the wise decision of replacing whenever possible.

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Hermle Clock Movement Directory

Above all, the Hermle clock movement directory is to get to the correct page that contains the proper clock movement. Of course, this is an important first step when ordering a new clock movement. Thus, Hermle mechanical movements have numbers on the back plate starting with the below few numbers. Then a dash (-) follows and then some more numbers. For example: 340-020 131-070 1161-853 351-020 and so forth. So, if the clock says something like 1161-053 drop the second half and click the 1161 button below. Then this will bring up the page where you can find the 1161-053 movement. Also, this is where the rest of the 1161 series can be found.

Hermle Directory

HermleHermle Clock Movement Directory, Number starts with.....


If Not Listed

If the old Hermle clock movement is not found on these pages do not give up hope, we may still have a conversion available or we may be able to create it out of what exists. However, we need to know the movement number. So please email your movement number. Of course a picture of the back plate is also helpful. Moreover, if your movement numbers do not look like the Hermle movement numbers it may be made by someone else. Additionally, the mechanical movement identification page will assist you with determining who made the clock. In any event, this is for post WW2 modern mechanical clock movements made in Germany only. Whatever type of movement you have in your clock should be identifiable by the markings that are on the back plate.

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