UW32319 Urgos Clock Movement or 32/1 or 32760 or 32001


UW32319 Urgos Clock Movement

UW32319 Urgos clock movement plays Westminster chime every quarter hour. At the top of the hour it will play the full chime followed by striking out whatever hour it is. This is a 80cm movement with a 37mm hand shaft length.

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UW32319N: $472.50
Urgos Clock Movement - Replace instead of repair. Less cost, ships now, lasts 30 years or more. Comes with instructions and expert support. - Clockworks
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Please view these information tabs to learn more about Urgos clock movement availability

New Clock Movement Benefits

New clock movement benefits far outweigh the benefits of a restoration. This section will explain why that is and what the best course of action is to get your clock working.

Getting the movement serviced

Clocks need to have fresh oil after 10 years or so. Then, after 20 or 30 years, a full break down of the movement is necessary. This is all well and good and can be done with the old movement. The movement will run for another 5 or 15 years with no issues but then it will be time to do it again. So obviously this is a new clock movement benefit.

Every time the movement needs to have work done on it or needs bushings, it will last less and less time before it needs attention again. So another new clock movement benefit is that this would not happen. The repair process is expensive because it takes time to separate the plates, remove all the gears, do the necessary work, and then put them all back together again. This process may need to be redone if not perfect the first time. The turn around time to complete an overhaul on a clock movement could be anywhere from 1 to 3 months, and in some extreme cases, a year. It is a slow moving venture that costs twice as much as a new movement would. If a new clock movement is not available, then this is the best, and only, way to handle a clock repair.

Replacing with a new clock movement

If the clock movement is still in production, it is far better to just get the new clock movement. Mass production makes the movement so affordable it will cost a fraction of the price of the repair work. The new clock movement will be the same one but brand new and ready to run 30 years without much complaint. There is absolutely no way to repair an old clock movement so that it is better than new. Even the best clockmaker using the best equipment cannot make the clock movement better than a new one.

A new clock movement is a factory fresh restart. The clock will be like it was originally when you first made the purchase from the store. The new clock movement will be made by the same people, with the same machines, and the clock movement is the same. It is not a close replica or made somewhere else besides Germany. It is the same movement. Not a knock off or replica. So wouldn't it make sense to get the new clock movement instead of chasing the old? The choice is clear and obvious. The new movement will cost a fraction of the price and the clock is up and running in no time.

Movements That Would Need a Repair or an Overhaul

If a new clock movement is not possible, then a repair is most likely the only option. However we will try to convert it to a new clock movement that is close and easy to adapt. If it is not an easy one to adapt, or would take too much case work, then the best solution is to have us work on it.

Another clock movement to consider having restored instead of replacing it is the tubular bell, which is a high end movement. The price of a tubular bell new clock movement makes an overhaul more attractive. This is due to the high price on the new clock movements which is over $1600. Usually the price is less for the new unit but instead these new clock movements are more costly than the overhaul by Clockworks anyway. We can charge a much lower amount for the complete overhaul on these units. Ultimately the choice is yours. There is a good argument in both directions that makes sense on these expensive new clock movements.

Clockworks = The best repair service

We would love to do the clock movement overhaul here at Clockworks and we do the best job. There are two ways to fix clocks; the easy way and the hard way. We only repair clock movements the hard way with no short cuts. Even with new clock movements, we inspect them and make sure all is well before shipping them out. It is even more important for us to do your repair than another company because we do not go to your house. There is no one being intrusive in your home and possibly damaging your clock case.

The clock movement itself is the only item that gets sent to us. No components need to be sent since we have everything else here such as weights, dials and pendulums. It is a great advantage to have Clockworks work on your clock movement for this fact alone. A clock supply depot such as us does not need to wait for parts. We possess everything we could possibly need to complete a thorough, professional clock repair right here. If a new clock movement is not possible, then this repair is your best and only option.

The new movement

New clock movement benefits usually do indeed outweigh the repair option. The movement will already have lubrication with clock oil so there is no need to oil it. The new clock movement comes with cables and pulleys, or chains, the leader, and suspension spring. This is everything that comes out when you remove the two screws that are under the clock movement, besides the dial and weights.

Once you get the hands and the clock dial out of the way (instructions are sent via email) it's only a matter of removing the two screws from underneath. The new clock movement can then be put in by someone with experience in 10 or 15 minutes. A person with no experience will take longer, but the point is that it isn't hard to do. This is definitely a new clock movement benefit. There are some instances where a clock case was made in an annoying way that makes it more difficult, but for clock movements that were in a mass production this is not the situation. This relates more to a few individual clockmakers who's design of the case makes it more tricky to get the new clock movement in or out.

Summary of New Clock Movement Benefits

A new clock movement is typically less than half the cost of an overhaul. It will also be on its way to the customer instantly instead of months later. A new clock movement will last the longest of any other choice.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

The Unlisted Urgos Clock Movement

Only the three weight clock movements are being produced in current times. Not every one of them either because some are now discontinued. Assuming we are working with a three weight movement in this section and not a two weight unit or spring driven. The two weight units are covered in another section and we call them the UW7/ series. Same with the spring driven UW6/ series these are no longer made but we have a section covering what can be done with Hermle instead.

Urgos movement number explanation

Upon every production run the movement number changes. The factory will produce the movement for years and then take a break on that series. When they start cranking them out again they call it a different name. So an old movement with a certain name may have the same movement available new but called something different. What used to be called a 03086 is now called a 03096 and so forth. This could be done a few times over in the time span of 40 or 50 years. So what is often required is converting the old number to the new number. However not all numbers are on the list or listed for sale. This does not mean we do not have it to offer, it only means we would need to figure out what one it is in modern times.

Urgos movement numbers simplified

The movement numbers usually start with a UW before the number. This UW can be ignored for replacing the movement or converting the number. UW only means it is made by the Urgos clock company. The letters after the number can be ignored also, such as in the movement number UW32/1A. The A can be ignored along with the UW as discussed, so we are only looking at 32/1 only. The three weight floor clock series only have the numbers starting with either 32 or 03 or 66. Example of starting with a 32 would be 32/1 and a 03 such as the 03101, the 66 as in 66020. If the movement starts with a 32 it is a square unit and if it starts with 03 or 66 it is a larger rectangle on instead.

Urgos movement number unlisted

If the movement numbers match with the numbers we list just find the number and click it. The link will bring up the new movement to view and order the product. If the movement number is not on the above list we need to figure out what the new number is and if its still made. What the numbers used to be may not be the same on the new units. Although the numbers may not match it will still be the same clock movement.

Urgos clock number conversions

Convert the three weight Urgos clock movement to the new number please use the below chart. This will match what the movement used to be called to what it is now called. With the new number it can then be found on the list of offered movements by Clockworks.com. Sometimes with three production runs it is required to convert the number twice. For example maybe the clock says UW32/1A, drop the UW and the A at the end and just look at 32/1 only. The 32/1 is replaced with 32001 in one conversion and then there is still one more. On another production run they changed the number for this again and now it is called a 32319. So in the end the 32/1 and the 32001 and the 32319 are all the same unit with different names for the various production runs.

Urgos numbers with the / slash

If having a / in the number, it’s definitely the old system and therefore an older movement which has lived its life as its over 40 years old. If it does not have a / it still may be the old numbering system as well. Either way, convert old number to the new and order the new unit. If the old numbers have a / in it, replace that / with one or sometimes two zeros. Just think of the / as zeros in other words. EXAMPLE: 32/1 is the same as 32001 and is the same as the converted number 32319. For assistance if needed please contact Clockworks.com 800-381-7458 if getting VM it only means the phones are jammed up and we will call right back. Our email address is [email protected]

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is a two weight small floor clock movement. These units were very popular in the 1960s and 1970's. That alone puts it over the life expectancy of being a 25 year movement by far and needs to be replaced. If the movement is giving issues on top of this fact it is definitely time to either overhaul the old or get a new one if possible.

Repair or replace the Urgos UW7/ series?

The choice is obvious to get the new one for cost savings and life expectancy if possible and easy. Even when the movement is not made it is best to use a conversion to a different maker instead of having the repair work done. This is only if it makes sense to do so and with this particular series it does. The two weight Hermle units are so close and there is not much involved with the conversion aspect on these.

The Hermle clock movement alternative

Urgos UW7/ series clock movement is no longer made and not available by Clockworks.com. However these can often be converted to an equivalent quality new German clock movement. The movement numbers off of the old unit can be emailed to us at [email protected] with a picture from the back side.

Measurements needed from the customer

It would help to provide the length of the pendulum from tip to tip when its off of the clock. Also the length of the hands shaft from the front plate of the movement itself and all the way out to the end of the minute hand nut threads. This last measurement requires the dial to come off for this to be measured. This measurement is from the front plate of the movement and all the way out. A movement plate is the two plates with all the gears in between. There is a front plate with its hand shaft sticking out and a back plate.

Urgos UW7/ Conversion requirements

Instructions for the new movement will be emailed to the customer upon checkout. However these are the specific things needed for the conversion aspect alone. These are the things that are in addition to what would be needed when going from same to same.

Chime block location

The chime block may have to be moved from one place to another. This is because the hammer location on the Hermle clock movement may not be in the same location. Such as the bim bam units made by Urgos sometimes had the hammer location on the back of the movement. The Hermle replacement would have the hammers on the side for the bim bam instead of the back. This is an example of the chime block needed to be moved from mounting in the back to being mounted on the side instead.

Urgos UW7/ Pendulum top swap

The top hook of the current clock pendulum will not hook up to the new movement the way it used to. The pendulum is fine however the top only would need to be changed for it to hook on to the new one. They do not cost much and of course is available at clockworks.com. The new top hook that is needed is available to purchase.

The rest of the clock movement parts fit fine

The current weights are fine for the new movement and so is the clock hands. There is nothing left to purchase besides the movement and the pendulum top hook. The new movement will comes with the chains and is already oiled.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

Urgos UW6/ series clock movement

Urgos UW6/ series clock movement was mass produced in the 1950's through the 1970's. It was a popular unit for shelf clocks and wall clock applications because it was compact and ran a short pendulum. The spring driven Westminster movement runs for eight days on a single wind up. It chimes either Westminster only or three songs with triple chime.

Urgos UW6/ series is no longer made

These are no longer made but is still the best choice to go with a new clock movement if it is possible. Just having this movement alone puts the age 40 years old or more so it is time to replace even if it works fine. So if its giving issues on top of this fact it is just time to do something with it either way.

Hermle clock movement alternative

clockworks.com offers a Hermle unit that is of equal quality to replace the Urgoes UW6/ series. The replacement movement would not be plug and play and there are some things required to act on. In the end if its able and willing to be done the clock will have a new movement of equal quality installed. The movement will run another 30 years with out much complaint and is not hard to put in. Instead of the typical same with same movement swap the extra steps required are listed below.

The Urgos conversion steps

The typical same with same movement swap instructions will be emailed upon purchase. These are the steps required for the conversion aspect alone. As it is going from an Urgos movement to a Hermle movement there are some additional concerns to address.

Clock dial incompatibility

The locations of the winding arbors on the Hermle movement are in slightly different than the Urgos UW6/ series. The holes in the clock dial face will not line up with this new movement to wind the clock. The customer could cover the old winding holes somehow and drill new ones to wind the clock. A sticky back metal or cardboard round disk does the trick or another creative idea. It only needs something to cover the old holes and drill new ones into that same disk.

Potential dial solution

Clockworks.com does have them to offer in gold and about 4 inches round with sticky backside. Even better than this is to get a new dial for the new movement if it is possible. There are so many dial shapes and sizes it is not a guarantee the same looking dial is available new. Please email Clockworks.com a picture of the old dial with some basic measurements. Clockworks.com will see if we have the same looking dial that can be drilled out with new holes to wind the clock.

Possible clock chime block work

Some applications of this conversion requires some handling of the chime block and rods. It is not common but sometimes it is needed to reverse the direction of the chime block inside the clock case. The reason for this is because the new unit may or may not have the hammer heads on the opposite side. In order to avoid purchasing a new chime block the old one can be reversed in direction.

Working with the chime block

Not only would need to reverse direction but also reverse the order of the rods within the block itself. The shortest rod would need to be where the longest rod was and continue down the line like this. As stated this is not so commonly needed. The reversal is only done to avoid the purchase of a new chime block and save cost. If a new one was purchased it would have the rods in the correct order and would only be required to put it in the new direction.

UW6/ Series Pendulum hook up

The pendulum may not hook up to the pendulum leader on the new clock movement. The leader is the part that the pendulum hangs onto on the back of the movement. The top hook of the pendulum may or may not fit the new movements leader. If becomes an issue clockworks.com offers an alternate top hook for the pendulum if its the wood stick style. If the clock takes a brass rod pendulum instead it maybe required to get a new pendulum with the new movement.

The rest is easy

The old key will fit the new movement the same as it did before. Clock hands are good to use with the new movement just as they did also. The pendulum length will be close enough to be able to regulate the time keeping.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020
Urgos Logo

Assistance = 800-381-7458

UW32319 Urgos Clock Movement

UW32319 Urgos clock movement plays Westminster chime every quarter hour. At the top of the hour it will play the full chime followed by striking out whatever hour it is. This is a 80cm movement with a 37mm hand shaft length. If the old unit says 32319, 32/1 or 32001 or 32760 this is the proper new Urgos clock movement everything will be the same as it was. The UW32319 clock movement is a square unit that is chain driven with three weights. It runs for 8 days on a single wind up of the clock weights.

Mechanical movement replacement

Because this is the same clock movement only new, all the old components will fit the new unit just as they did on the old. Components such as the dial, weights, pendulum, hands, and chime block will not need to be replaced to have a new movement. Please continue to read the following mechanical movement replacement notes.

Sold as only the new movement

Offering a brand new clock movement alone and does not come with the other components. The dial, weights, pendulum, chime block, hands, maybe available as a separate purchase. This high quality German movement comes oiled and includes its leader, suspension spring and hand nut.

Movement removal

Removal instructions to get the old unit out are contained in the installation instructions also. The movement swap is not difficult, changing a car tire is along the same level of intensity. After the hands and the dial are out of the way the movement will be fully exposed. The movement can come out by removing the two screws that mount it from the underside.

Movement installation

Installation is reverse of removal with some extra set up things to be done. Instructions will cover these few things to be done, and we are here if questions come up for the operation or installation. We are full time clock makers and retailers both, so if you need any assistance with install we can help.

A new clock movement is best

As stated above in the Mechanical movement replacement notes, it is less costly to replace a movement than a restoration of an old unit. The clock will be problem free right away instead of months, last longer than a repair ever would. It is just the best choice all around for a trouble free mechanical clock. Urgos had gone out of business a while back and the Hermle purchased the company and is still making the same movements with the same machines.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Urgos 32319 Clock Movement

  • 80CM Pendulum from the top of the movement
  • German Made
  • Triple Chime
  • Chain Driven
  • 8 Hammers on the Back
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Factory Oiled

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Michael Tozzi
1 year ago

Hello I have a Ridgeway Grandfather lock with an Urgos Movement. Can you tell me the proper new movement I need please.
Stamped numbers are UW32/1. Second number on bottom of plate is 34101. Thank you very much! Mike Tozzi!😎

David Hansberry
David Hansberry
1 year ago

I have a “Howard Miller” UW32568D 8704 grandfather clock movement I’m looking to get replaced. (8 hammers, westminster) I’d like to know if this UW32319 Urgos Clock Movement is the CORRECT replacement for having things line-up. Please advise, and I’ll buy!

Kerry Annis
Kerry Annis
11 months ago

is a UW 32/8 interchange
able with UW 32319

William Guillot
William Guillot
10 months ago

I have a grandfather clock with a UW32/1A, which is the correct movement? UW32319?

Ron Simmons
Ron Simmons
6 months ago

I am looking to replace the movement in a grandmother clock with a moon dial. The movement # is uw32019n. I don’t see this # in the list. Is there a movement that will replace tis one?

Mike Voskuhl
Mike Voskuhl
18 days ago

I have a uw32568-c movement I don’t know what the c stands for or is it for chain driven looking to replace movement and do you have 12 months payment plans