Urgos Clock Movement Identification

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Urgos Clock Movement Identification

>Urgos Clock Movement Identification is done by getting to the back of the brass mechanical clock movement. Often there are side access panels to the clock if it is a floor clock. You can remove the side access panel and look inside with a flashlight to get the information off of the back plate. If you have a cell phone you can reach in and take a pic of the back of the movement to see the numbers also. Taking the movement right out of the case is an option as well, since you will be ordering a different one anyway. The numbers are located on the bottom of the back plate of the brass movement itself. Not on the paperwork or the clock case, only on the brass movement.

Urgos clock movements have changed numbering systems many years ago. What this means is the movement you have now may have some markings on it, such as UW32/1A, but this same unit is now called UW32319 as they have a new number for the exact same movement. If you have an old number style and need to convert to the new number, the movement has definitely lived its life span and it's time to replace it.

The old numbers to the new numbers can be confusing, an example being UW32/1 and UW32001 and UW32319 are all the same unit. Best to use the chart to figure out the new number and if it is not on the list, just give us a call or email to [email protected] and we will assist with the old to new Urgos Clock Movement Identification.

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