Urgos Lyre Pendulum Availability

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Urgos Lyre Pendulum Availability

Urgos Lyre Pendulum Availability is none at all actually. They have not been made in over 30 years, in fact none of the outer component have been. However there is still a solution and we can provide the lyre pendulum that is custom fit.

Custom pendulum work

Clockworks can customize a new Lyre pendulum for the UW Urgos clock movement. What we do is take a Hermle Lyre pendulum that is still in production, and solder a new top hook to the pendulum. We make the pendulum length special for the specific clock. This solder or riveted on top hook, maybe noticeable but when hanging on the clock no one will see it.

Urgos custom lyre timing

Please understand that we will do our best to create the pendulum length perfect. There is a chance that the pendulum would need to be shortened or made longer beyond the adjustment of the threads. There are times the pendulum length misses its mark. We would need the leader if this happens to make it longer or shorter. The leader is the short bar the pendulum hangs on, that is about 5 inches long.

Upon ordering the pendulum

When ordering the custom lyre pendulum, an email asking for the movement numbers will be sent. There are two styles of pendulum mounting top hooks. We would need to know only if the movement starts with UW32 or UW03 in the numbers.

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