Sending A Clock Repair

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Sending A Clock for Repair

Sending A Clock for Repair is easy because we here at need the movement alone. We get clock repairs shipped to us from all over USA and Canada. There is never a problem doing this as long as the movements are double boxed and well protected. Here are some guidelines on how to ship the movement and also what to expect.

Packing The Movement

Undoubtedly, the safest way to pack the movement is to box it up nice and tight with the handshaft facing up. This is very important! Make sure the movement cannot bounce around inside the box. The next step is to pack that box inside another box. If you send it like this, there will be no problem getting it to us. It does not even have to be put together. You can send us a bag of parts and the movement plates. It does not matter as long as it's all there. Don't laugh, we have had this happen many times! We know how to put it back together, so don't worry.

When packing up the movement, take special care to protect the hand shaft as this is hard to correct if it gets bent. This is the shaft that the hands go on to tell the time. You should pack the movement up well with newspaper and bubble wrap. If you are using packing peanuts make sure to put the movement inside a plastic bag first! Please DO NOT let the movement get peanuts all up inside of it.

Again, when placing the movement inside the box make sure you place it in with the hand shaft pointing up. Once you have the movement packed really well in a box, pack it again in another box with more packing material. The movement should not be able to bounce around inside the first box. Double boxing provides extra cushion for the movement as it travels to minimize the possibility of damage.

If you have a UPS account, or have access to ship it via UPS, just send it along after you fill out the form. If it is a problem getting it shipped out, let us know the weight and dimensions of the box and we can email you a UPS label for a low price. Shipping centers are unreasonably expensive when it comes to packing and shipping something for you. If you box it up as described and ship it to us with the label we give you, it will be substantially less cost than a place like Mailboxes, etc to pack and ship. Please email us at [email protected] with the weight and dimensions of the box if this sounds better for you. Of course, you can go priority mail as well, if you so choose.

After you have the movement packed up, please send it to: CLOCKWORKS 124 Goss Hill Rd, PO Box 339, Huntington, MA 01050. If you fill out the following form, we will get notification that your clock is coming. You will receive an email confirmation of your form submission.

  • Clockworks
  • PO Box 339
  • 124 Goss Hill Rd
  • Huntington MA 01050
  • 800-381-7458
  • [email protected]

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