Hole-End Clock Mainspring Replacement-Service

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Hole-End Clock Mainspring replacement-service
HEMS-Service: $85.00

For a Hole-End Clock Mainspring replacement-service, all you have to do is send clockworks the clock barrel. Once we have the barrel, the old spring will be taken out. Then it is just a matter of installing the new mainspring. When sending in the mainspring, be please sure to leave the Hole-End clock mainspring within that barrel. The price for this service is $100 and it includes the cost of the Hole-End mainspring, as well as the shipping to return the barrel and new spring back to you.

What will be done

Clockworks.com will remove the broken, or worn, spring from the container in a safe way. The next step is to measure the thickness and width of the spring. The final measurement requires stretching out the old spring in order to get the length. Next we will use the mainspring chart for reference so that the correct spring will be put into the barrel. We will then pull that spring from the inventory that is already here with us at Clockworks. The installation of the spring will be done with a special tool known as mainspring winder. Once the new spring is safely within the barrel, the cap snaps back into place and the mainspring is then on its way back to you.
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