Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

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Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

Mainspring barrel number to size spring

Barrel Number Mainspring Dimensions MM
10 17 x .45 x 1490
11 17 x .42 x 1500
20 & 56 17 x .38 x 1200
21 & 50 17 x .40 x 1200
31 12 x .34 x 1150
32 12 x .42 x 1100
33 12 x .32 x 1150
40 17 x .38 x 1100
41 21 x .40 x 1550
42 17 x .40 x 1100
52 17 x .42 x 1200
54 21 x .42 x 1900
55 21 x .45 x 1800

Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

Hermle mainspring barrels have numbers on the barrel caps and therefore can be used to help identify the hole end spring contained therein. Generally speaking, these numbers sometimes can only be seen by removing the barrel from the clock because of where the number is placed on the cap, but there will certainly be a number on it. The chart provided on this page lists the various numbers found on the caps, as well as the corresponding hole end spring that will ultimately be found inside that barrel.

Check for damage

Once you have obtained the size of the hole end spring needed by the Hermle mainspring barrel number, you can therefore go ahead and find it on the hole end mainspring chart so you will be able to order a new one. Of course, if it needs a mainspring, it is quite probable that the teeth of the barrel may have been damaged when the spring broke. This is because of the incredible power of the spring. Consequently, another area that may have also gotten damaged are the teeth on the next wheel up on the train. As a result of these problems, it would be best to purchase a new movement.

Get a new movement instead

In order to identify the movement, you would first need to locate the movement number. Therefore, the back plate of the movement itself needs to be looked at. The number will be stamped right into that brass plate. Although customers sometimes think they can get the number off of the clock case, or the paperwork that came with the clock, this is not the situation. The only place that number will be is stamped into the brass. As soon as you have the numbers from the movement you can go to this page to finally find your brand new clock movement.

Another problem that occurs when the mainspring breaks is the second wheel up from the barrel gets a bent arbor. This is certainly something that needs to be checked. If the arbor did get bent, you would surely need to get a new wheel, or somehow straighten it out. Indeed, it is not always easy to get it straight, so again, sometimes it is best to just get the new unit instead.

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