Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

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Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

Hermle mainspring barrel numbers

Mainspring barrel number to size spring

Barrel Number Mainspring Dimensions MM
10 17 x .45 x 1490
11 17 x .42 x 1500
20 & 56 17 x .38 x 1200
21 & 50 17 x .40 x 1200
31 12 x .34 x 1150
32 12 x .42 x 1100
33 12 x .32 x 1150
40 17 x .38 x 1100
41 21 x .40 x 1550
42 17 x .40 x 1100
52 17 x .42 x 1200
54 21 x .42 x 1900
55 21 x .45 x 1800
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1 year ago

Hi. Please would you tell me the dimensions of the hermle 54 barrel.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael

If replacing a number 54 barrel, with a 54 barrel it would be the same dims.


Many Thanks !
James and Donna Stoudenmire http://www.clockworks.com 124 Goss Hill = UPS Mailing PO Box 339 = USPS Mailing Huntington, MA 01050 USA clockworks.com



10 months ago

I have an old ship clock that I need a new barrel and main spring. It does not have any markings to tell me a size. The outer dimension with the teeth are 34.5mm and the other is 32mm without teeth. There is 73 teeth over all. What size do I need?

Thank you

Robert Alvarez
8 months ago

How about #53 ?

Robert Alvarez
8 months ago

Why can’t I find a #53

6 months ago

Hi. I was wondering if you could help….I need to replace a barrel on a FHS mechanism but the backplate is just stamped with ‘8’ which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Did / do they make barrel No.8 or does it sound like it might be from a different manufacturer? Thanks for your time

Katharina Reimer
Katharina Reimer
2 months ago

Hi my question is can I order me a spring for Barrel number 50
Clock number 351-020

Katharina Reimer
Katharina Reimer
2 months ago

Hi can I send a check from Canada or does that need to be a money order $75

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