Hermle 132-071 clock movement

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Hermle 132-071 clock movement

Hermle 132-071 clock movement is now equipped with a Swiss platform escapement. The quality of this escapement is much improved from the past and easier to time than ever. This ships bell strike clock movement is the only one in production in today's world. There is no other ships bell clock movement in either mechanical or quartz other than this one. Its just as well, as this one is a very good unit and is compact and high quality.

About the 132-071

The 132-071 clock movement has outer plates 90mm wide, its spring driven, runs eight days on a single wind up of the springs. This one often said Seth Thomas on it, but when it says that its after the Seth Thomas USA name has been sold. So its really a Hermle clock movement of Germany instead of Seth Thomas making the clock. Seth Thomas maybe who put the clock together and brought it to market, its just not made by ST themselves. So I guess one would say both are true, Seth Thomas made it and also Hermle made it depending on if talking about the clock or the mechanics within the clock.

These types of clocks were used in two different ways, bell strike and gong strike. If ordering a new movement, it will come as a bell strike and will include the bells. If staying with the gong instead, its only one screw to remove the bell from the new unit. Bend the hammer out so it will hit the gong instead.

Swapping the 132-071

Removal and installation on this unit is pretty simple and people do not have trouble with this one typically. The minute hand comes off by holding the minute hand while turning its nut to the left. Next the hour hand comes off by friction fit, twist and pull. The dial is next with a couple screws, see the dial blind plate with another couple screws. When these are removed flip the clock upside down the movement will drop out into hands.

We also offer the movement with the dial and the hands, to use this unit on the Schatz Royal Mariner movement that is no longer in production. The Schatz unit is not available and this unit is very close, however the winding arbors are in different places, so this is why the new dial. The hands will need to be changed also for this conversion.

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Michael Klosinski
Michael Klosinski
1 month ago

from the back, whitch way does the windage spinner turn to unwind an overwound spring.

4 months ago

Hi,I have some Airguide 132-071s that I’m working on. I need some parts:

  1. Hands (both hour and minute)
  2. small c/e clips that hold on the rack arm
  3. screws that hold the face in. This is for the 3 screw face. screws are bigger on this face than the screws on the 4 screw face.

Any idea where I might be able to procure these parts?



Robert Clore
Robert Clore
6 months ago

I have a Seth Thomas Ships Bell Clock, Hermle movement that strikes the correct number of bells at the correct time but sometime the single strike is first the double strikes, or it may strike a single a double and a single for 4 bells. I cannot see how to make it strike any differently. The strike wheel has 8 double teeth and turns 2.25 rotations every 4 hours. Am I missing something?

Robert Clore
Robert Clore
6 months ago

Actually the owner wants it back the way it is. I have worked on other ships bell clocks that have a catch that stops the last bell in an odd number from ringing. This movement does not have that type of catch. The movement was “Made in Germany for Seth Thomas Clocks, Thomaston, Conn., 7 jewels, A207-000, 7403”. No Manufacturer name listed.

Gene E Shillcutt, Jr.
7 months ago

Do you have an original or reproduction winding key for the Seth Thomas ship’s clock with a HERMLE 132-071 SG movement? I don’t want a generic key.


1 year ago

Hello, I am looking foe a Franz Hermle 132-070 Clock escapement for my Wempe Ship Clock any suggestion where I may purchase one?

Leo Stull

Gordon Johanson
Gordon Johanson
2 years ago

How does the “ship’s watch” strike work? I can’t get the half hour to strike with the extra strike of the bell. The strike repeats the hour which is incorrect for any of the half hours strikes.

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