Clock Movement 141-040 141-070 Compatibility

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Clock Movement 141-040 141-070 Compatibility

The compatibility between the clock movement 141-040 and 141-070 needs explanation and clarification. At one point in time the same number was used for both versions .

What is the difference between the 040 and the 070 Hermle units? The 040 series has a one hammer on the back whereas the 070 units have two bells on the back.

It is common to get an 070 as a replacement for an 040 gong strike. This is because the two units are cross compatible. To make it a gong strike, you only need to remove one of the hammers with its wire and take off the bells. The reasoning behind this is simply the cost of importing the movements from Germany. There are minimum purchase requirements for each series. So it only makes sense to import one series that is cross compatible. In most cases the customer leaves the bells and ditches the gong as the sound is better.

What is even more confusing is that there was a time when the 141-070 had a gong strike or a bell strike. It was the same number for both types. So what was previously known as a 141-070 is now referred to as a 141-040. So, if you have a 141-070 see if it has one hammer on the back that strikes a gong, or if it has bells on the back. If you have the bells get the 141-070 and if it has a gong order the 141-040.

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