Clock movement 1151 Series by Hermle

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Clock movement 1151 Series by Hermle

Hermle clock movement 1151 series is a triple chime unit. It is the most produced triple chime, chain driven unit ever made. These clock movements can work night and day for 30 years sometimes without a sweat. The customers who order this movement originally purchased there clock in the 1970's through the 1990's.

The movement

Hermle clock movement 1151 series are all square movements. The are all with a 120mm plate size and in triple chime. The hand shaft length was made in two different lengths. The 1151-050 has the 32.3mm hand shaft while the 1151-053 has the longer 53.2mm hand shaft. The unit is a triple chime movement and is always chain driven. There are 12 hammers on the back side of the unit with 4 on one side and 8 on the other side. There was a time on these units that it came with a calendar function but these are not common. This is the same unit as the 451 series but with triple chime instead.

Does not come with

It will not come with the dail, chimeblock, weights or pendulum. All these things we have available, but if ordering the movement only, you are ordering the movement and not the complete kit.

Comes with

The movement will come as the same movement, no knockoffs, made in Germany. The unit will be already oiled and will come with instructions and support. Basically everything that comes out with the two screws underneath, that entire gear ball with its hammers attached. The movement will come with new chains, its leader, hand nut and suspension spring.

The chime songs

This is a quarterly chime unit that will play a song every quarter hour, and then at the top of the hour it will strike out whatever hour it is. The song options are Westminster, Wittington, Saint Micheal. None of them have the autonight shut off feature but does have a silent option within the chime selection lever.

The support

We go with everything we sell. This family run business has over 100 years of experience in clock making and repairing. The factory will give 3 years warranty, but whenever a question arises about the product, even years after the warranty, just call or email us with the questions.

  • Less cost than a cleaning in most cases
  • Should last 25-30 years, a repair would not
  • Easy to install, we can help if needed
  • Ships same day as order
Clock Movement 1151 by Hermle
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Gerald J
Gerald J
4 months ago
Rating :

I have a friend who acquired a Franz Hermle clock 1151-050H a few years ago and I have some questions that you might help me with. I got it running but it stops after a few minutes. The chimes don’t work; Or maybe it has night mode auto off??? Did the original CM have that? Also how does one change the chime sounds? I want to replace the CM after I try a clean and lube.

John Lang
1 year ago

My dad died three weeks ago, and I inherited this clock. I got it running and keeping time, but it will not chime. I have moved on off swtch to no avail.

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