Hermle 340-341 clock-movement notes

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Hermle 340-341 clock-movement notes

Hermle 340-341 clock-movement notes begins with a little history. This is such a popular little movement, with so many sold, and for good reasons. It is compact and versatile, hard working and cost efficient. Also, the movement will work 20 or 30 years night and day without much complaint.

Can fit into tight places, it can come in either a pendulum version or a balance wheel instead. The advantage of a balance wheel is there is no pendulum to put in beat, you can move it without readjusting the beat.

Also with a balance wheel you never have to care if its level or not. The pendulum unit advantage is that louder tick tock sound. If the pendulum is visible through the glass it is a nice hypnotic thing to look at and listen to.

The Movement

A size 8 key winds up both the 340 and 341 clock movements, a single wind lasts 8 days. In addition, it will be ready for installation upon arrival. The 340 and 341 Hermle clock movement series comes with an application of oil on it and is ready to go.

Sold as the movement itself with its hand nut and hammers. If a pendulum unit, it will come with its suspension spring and leader. Already oiled Hermle 340-341 clock movement comes ready for installation.

The Chime

Westminster progressively playing each quarter hour, and the full song on the top of the hour. The striking out of the hours follows this.

The hammer location on these units are on the bottom, with 5 hammer heads that strike chime rods. This aspect does not vary on these units, they are all consistent with the 5 hammer below attribute on all 340 and 341 movements.

Does not include Chime On / Off switch

If the clock has an on and off switch now, remove it by taking out the one screw and putting it on the new movement. The new movement does not have this chime on / off switch. The location of this is sometimes on the right side of the front plate.

Improved Balance on Hermle 340 clock movement series

The old style balance units such as the 340-020 had a spiral spring vertical up the balance. The improvements on the new style will be a horizontal spring and the F / S adjustment is by a set screw. The timing will already be done at the factory anyways so setting the time will only be slight.

It might not need it at all. This change is a big improvement so the life expectancy of this new unit should surpass the old one. Everything will fit the same.

Hammer Positioning the 340 / 341 series

The 340 and 341 Hermle clock movement series went through a change in the hammer wires. The hammer heads used to be on wires now they are made on flat bars. This is dealt with in the same way as above, it is just not as easy to bend.

The hammer head is on the skinny end of the bar, the bar gets wider as it goes back toward the roll pin. The point to bend this bar is at the place where it goes from skinny to wide with needle nose pliers. The overall assembly will be higher from the chime block slightly.

That is if swapping out the movement with the wire hammer head rod older style. It is an option to raise the entire chimeblock with a shim underneath it to help with this. It is not an absolute requirement, bending the hammer arms are usually sufficient.

Different Hammer Head Wires

The older 341 and 340 series clock movements had the chime hammer head on wires instead of flat bars. The new style being sent will have the flat bars with the hammer heads on the end.

It makes no difference to fitting the movement into the case, but it may make a difference as far as bending the rods to meet the chime rods. Bending of the chime hammers to be 1/8 inch away from the rod at rest is the goal.

This is what was done when the case was built and the original movement was put in. However, the older wire style could be bent in a more extreme manner than the new style. What could previously be bent an inch with ease is now not as easily done with the flat bars. In some rare cases it would be best to put a shim under the chime block to make up for the gap.

  • A fraction of the price of an overhaul
  • Should last 25-30 years, an overhaul would not
  • Instructions and expert support
  • Hermle Clock Movement of Germany
The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2020

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Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
2 years ago

My clock has stopped ,340-020A.
Problem seems to be at the hairspring in the platform escapement.

Can I replace this escapement unit and what is cost ??

I am writing from Perth in Western Australia

1 year ago

My 340 clock works losses 4 to 5 minutes per day. I cannot find an adjustment setting area. The works are still mounted in the case and my access is the back of the clock works.

1 year ago

I have a Hamilton mantel clock with the 340-020 movement, circa 1978. The chime rod closest to the back access panel broke off from the setscrew. I soldered it back together and reinserted the rod into the block. The tone of the chime is now off somewhat. Is there a way to re-tune the chime?

Bob Clore
Bob Clore
1 year ago

I have a 341-020 that I need and 8″ dial for. However I cannot determine or find reference to what dials fit what movement. Is there such information and can new dials be purchased?

1 year ago

Hi my dad gave me his W Haid 340-020. It chimes constantly on the hour. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

6 months ago

i have a Howard Miller mantle clock. With a Hermle 340-020 movement, what is the best way to dampen the chime

Michael Howeth
Michael Howeth
1 month ago

I have a mantle clock that has a Hermle 341-020 movement. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Can the 341-020 be replaced with a Hermle 340-020 balance wheel type.

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