Hermle 140 / 141 Clock Movement

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Hermle 140 / 141 Clock Movement

Hermle 140 / 141 Clock Movement comes in either the pendulum or non pendulum styles. Such as the pendulum unit 141-040 or the non pendulum balance wheel version such as the 140-010. This is a fourteen day unit, it runs the 14 days on a single wind up. They used to be made to run 8 days only. If the numbers are with a 5 instead like 151 or 150-xxx its an 8 day wind. All they did to make this happen was put a longer mainspring in the barrel, so if you have a 151 or 150 unit, the new unit to replace this is a 141 or 140-xxx instead. The rest of the numbers are consistent with the old, just match them up.

Movement Details

Hermle 140 / 141 Clock Movement series are all spring driven with 85 x 98mm plate size. They all take a #8 size clock key. What is being offered on this page is the movement only with out the pendulum, gong or dial. It will come as the movement itself with its hand nut, and if a pendulum unit it comes with the suspension spring and leader. The 141-040, 141-030, and a 141-033 all comes with a calendar. It is required to remove this calendar if you do not have the days of the month on your dial. Its easy, its just removing excess things so its not so involved. See the other tab about how to remove the calendar.

The speed

The time from deciding to repair the clock, to having it done is the very least it could be. It will ship out the next business day, unless its a special gearing. If this is the situation it will take about 4 days to ship as the movement. This is because the movement comes apart and put together with special gears. Can tell if it is a regear unit if it has an extra charge on the movement that cost more than the rest of the movements. The choice is clear to get the new one instead of overhauling the old unit. Get the movement in a week or two instead of months later, it will cost about a third the amount of a typical overhaul charge also.

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