Clock Movement Calendar Removal Instructions

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Clock Movement Calendar Removal

This section is referring to the calendar versions of the Hermle clock movement 141-040 141-030 and 141-033

Many of these units come with a calendar as indicated by the letter K after the movement numbers. This is the usual way some movements are supplied by the manufacturer. This way it covers movements with and without a calendar. In this way only one style is to be made, shipped, and stored ready to ship. So sometimes the new movement only comes into the country with a calendar attached. The below information will enable you to remove the calendar portion if needed to do so for the installation. Such as if the calendar tube is in the way of installing the new movement to the dial.


Look at the new movement you will see two hex nuts on the front of the clock holding a small plate with gears under it. See that the old unit does not have this. Take these hex nuts off, and the plate, and slide the big gear off of the hand shaft. This big gear is just for the calendar.

There is a small C clip that blocks the hour hand tube from coming off. Remove the C clip with a small flat screwdriver and the hour hand tube will come off. Do the same thing with your old unit and put the old unit hour hand tube on the new unit. Note the exact position of the new movement’s hour tube. This position is important to note before taking it off and put the old unit’s hour tube in the exact position. What is meant by position is the humps on the snail looking portion that is attached to the hour hand tube. This has to be the same position on the new one just like it was on the old. If it is not the same then the hourly strikes will be off. The deepest slot is 12 o’clock and the highest hump is 1 o’clock.

Post Removal

The mounting posts where the hex nuts were located are still on the clock movement. Now if these are in the way of mounting your movement to your dial, they would need to be removed. The clock movement calendar removal would require these to be snapped off. This may seem harsh but if you get a pair of pliers and bend them down and up, they will snap off. This is because these posts are only pressed in by machine and there is no other way to remove them. This is the intent of the factory to have done, when needed.

Strike Count Reset

It is time to test the strikes and see if they are correct and that you have the hour hand tube in the correct position. Make the clock strike and count how many times it strikes. If you have one o’clock and 12 o’clock strike correct its all set. Tf it strikes 1 and 12 out with the correct number of strikes, then the rest is ok also.

If this is too much information then you can send in the old unit and the new unit and we will swap it out at for a charge of $30 Plus shipping.

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