Loop-End Clock Mainspring Description

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Loop-End Clock Mainspring Description

The Loop-End clock mainspring description consists of a long flat spring with a loop on one end. This loop wraps around the outer plate pillar of the movement. In other words, this is the type of mainspring that can be seen.

Thus, it is not inside a barrel. Likewise, if the spring is in a barrel, the mainspring can't be seen. Hence, a mainspring that cannot be seen is a hole end mainspring. So, hole end mainsprings can be found on the hole end mainspring page.

Specifically follow the directions to match up your spring to a new one. Should you need assistance please feel free to email us questions. Of course, our experienced clockmakers are happy to help.

How to know if it is broken

Use the clock key to wind the mainspring. Naturally, the spring is broken when it winds for a bit and then snaps back.

Certainly, it could be wound forever and it will not stay in a coil. This is how a spring reacts when it breaks. When the spring breaks, it can protrude a great deal outside of the movement.

On the other hand, if it is a hole end mainspring it will usually stay within the barrel. In extreme cases, the mainspring will damage the clock case. Of course, this is not a common occurrence, but it can happen. Consequently, we do not repair cases.

In fact, that would need a woodworker to fix. Above all, mainsprings can be very dangerous when they snap. Also, it is possible for mainsprings to cause damage to the gears in the movement. Naturally, if this happens then a restoration needs to happen. Please email us for more information on this topic.

How Loop-End Clock Mainsprings come

These mainsprings come wound up with a tie wire around it. Once the movement is put back together, make sure it is wound up all the way and cut the tie wire. As mentioned previously, treat mainsprings with respect and caution.

Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Seriously, mainsprings are nothing to fool with. They can punch, whack, cut, and snap at you. All things said, mainsprings are quite possibly the only dangerous part to work on in a clock.

Repair service

clockworks.com offers a clock repair service. For a loop-end clock mainspring, it would be a movement restoration instead of a mainspring swap.

This might be the best solution. Since mainsprings can cause a great deal of damage when they break. There could be much more damage than just a broken mainspring. A restoration will take care of any damage that may occur from the break.

If you choose to go this route please email a picture of the movement. Of course, we will get back to you on the best solution. A picture is always a good start so we know exactly what you have. Once we see the movement, we can provide a quote to restore it.

If the mainsprings are breaking then it is quite possible that the movement is in need of other work. This is typical of anything mechanical. Once one thing breaks, usually other parts are not far behind.

Clockworks will advise what is the best and least expensive way to get the clock back up and running. Clockworks always has your best interest at heart. Occasionally movements are beyond repair. This does not happen often, however.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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