Webster Clock Mainspring Winder

Webster Clock Mainspring Winder Unwinder

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Webster Clock Mainspring Winder

Wind and unwind mainsprings with this tool made by Webster. Allows for the safe removal and installation of loop and hole end mainsprings. NOTE: This unit has had many improvements and is the new version with the new arbor support.

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Webster: $389.00

Mainspring Winder Unwinder

This Webster Clock Mainspring Winder will unwind and wind a variety of mainsprings. It allows for the safe removal and installation of both loop and hole end clock mainsprings.

This deluxe kit includes 2 hooks, 9 mainspring sleeves (1" to 2-1/4") and instructions. An absolute must have item for any repair shop who will be working with mainsprings. Don't fall victim to unnecessary accidents attempting to manually work with them.

No clock repair bench is complete without this quick and easy tool. It will accommodate all types of mainsprings. PLEASE NOTE: This unit is the new version with the new arbor support and other improvements.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions3 × 6 × 12 in

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29 days ago

Do you sell replacement parts for this kit? I’ve misplaced my hook. Thanks.

6 months ago

Hi, are these currently in stock?

JD Castle
JD Castle
9 months ago

I am a rookie, took a 10 hour online class and am ready to start my quest. Ollie Baker seems to be the leader for winders, will this unit, the webster, provide me with what I need to repair wind up clocks. I have accumulated 7, that my wife is strongly encouraging me to fix or toss ….

7 months ago
Reply to  JD Castle

Do you still have any available?

Daniel Nashati
Daniel Nashati
9 months ago
Rating :

Big thanks to Bob for all his help.