Hermle Clock Code Letters

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Hermle clock letter codes

The intent of this post is to explain the Hermle Clock Code Letters that follow the movement number on Hermle movement. Sometimes customers think that if the new movement does not have the same letter as the old unit that it will not be the same. This is not always the case. This is what follows a typical Hermle number marking such as 1151-053S. For example, the explanation is for the S at the end of the number. Often, you can ignore this clock code letter or letters when replacing a movement with Clockworks. Thus, the movement number is the most important thing to match up when replacing the movement. Matching the movement number will ensure the purchase of the exact same unit as what was in the clock. Here are some definitions of the code letters that follow the movement number.

Old unit verses new code

Hermle Clock Code Letters on the new movement may or may not be the same. This is not usually a concern at all and therefore ignore the letter for the most part. Most of the time, these letters indicate a specific production run of the movement. The features of the movement will be the same, such as if there was a second bit before and the movement number did not have an S, but the new one does have a code letter S. If there is a concern on whether the letter is relevant or not, please send an email and Clockworks will be happy to help.

  • DB = Dead Beat
  • CS = Small Suspension -OR- Seconds and Made in Germany
  • C = Engineering Code
  • D = Engineering Code
  • H = High Bridge
  • N = Low Bridge
  • K = Calendar -OR- Made in Germany
  • S = Seconds -OR- Kit Format 132-071
  • SE = Swiss Escapement

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