Kieninger Clock Movement Identification

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Kieninger clock movement identification

The identification process is the first step to replace a Kieninger clock movement or any other components. To begin with, start with the movement number in order to purchase a new clock movement and to see the price and what it includes. Also, these numbers are essential to get compatible components for the clock. Examples of some components include pendulums, dials, hands, keys, cranks, chime blocks, mounting screws, weights, pulleys or chains.

Decoding Kieninger clock movements

For example, let's say the movement numbers are 81 K 116cm.

  • 1981 = If it is an on older unit, the 81 would be the year it was made. On new units this number is not the year but only an internal engineering code.
  • K = The K is the movement series. This is the basic raw movement plate size and internal gear configuration.
  • 116CM = This is the pendulum length, in centimeters, from the top of the movement all the way down to the bottom of the rating nut. This is true only for the smallest 4 1/2 inch bob diameter.

Kieninger Clock Movement Identification

Dating the Kieninger movement

In the above description, 81 is the date, however this is not always true in later years. After a certain date that first number is no longer the date that it was made. Rather that first number became an engineering code that has nothing to do with the date. So it may or may not be the date code, ignore this as it is not pertinent to replacing the unit. There is no longer a solid way to date the Kieninger clock movement unless there is a stamp on the back plate.

We can help

The new movement will fit into the clock case just as the old one did. Keep using the same components such as the dial, pendulum, chime block and weights. If it is a weight driven clock it will come with the chime hammers as well as chains or cables. If this decoding process is confusing, just email the numbers or a picture to us. We are happy to help with figuring out the best course of action. Similarly, Kieninger clock movement questions and ordering can be done by phone as well.

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Susan Barnhart
Susan Barnhart
1 year ago

I have inherited a keininger skeleton clock with S 81 on the movement what does this mean

Grant Cutts
Grant Cutts
7 months ago

I have inherited a 82 R 80cm. Unfortunately the weights were lost at some point. Can you help me identify which weights go with this clock, and where I can get a replacement?


David Bupp
7 months ago

Good evening, I have a Kieninger grandfather clock that I picked up at a garage sale this weekend, one of the pallets has broken off of the pendulum anchor, it looks replaceable as the pallets have set screws holding them into the anchor. The other issue is the pendulum suspension spring is sheared off, aside from these two things and the weights being over tightened which I was able to correct, it’s in decent shape.

I’m trying to find replacement parts for it. The only identification is on it is “Original Kieninger” and 12/66 also what looks to be a logo for Kieninger. What does this 12/66 mean? December 1966? What parts should fit this? I would like to be able to get it working again.


Gary L Baas
Gary L Baas
1 month ago

I have a Kieninger clock with a number “106068” stamped under the name “Original Kieninger “
What year was it made?

3 days ago

Hello, I have been trying to identify a grandfather clock movement. I just bought this clock and it needs some parts for the pendulum. Plus I would really like to know more about the clock. Does anyone recognize the attached clock? I cannot find any numbers or markings on it. I can provide other views including the whole clock if that would help. Thanks in advance if anyone can assist.


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