Changing a Clock Cable

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Changing a Clock Cable

Changing a clock cable requires the movement to be out of the clock case. These instructions refer to post WW2 modern grandfather units of German origin, however all makes have a similar method. Swapping the cable is easy. There is a big hole and a little hole on the cable mount.

The cable end fits into the big hole, then slides over to seat into the little hole. When the lock is set, it seats in securely. It's the same basic theme on both ends of the cable, meaning, one slot being in the cable drum itself and the other on the movement.

The cable drum side of the cable

To remove, lift the cable up from the oblong hole on the drum and slide it over to the big side. The cables have ends made of brass on them. These get slid over from the small side of the slot on the cable drum to the larger slot. It will release so as to remove it from the clock movement.

The other end of the cable

The movement itself would normally have the plates set for the cable ends. The cables have round brass ends on them and these lock into a plate on the movement.

This plate will have a small hole leading to a big hole. To remove the cable it requires only lifting the end and moving over to the big hole and out.

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1 year ago

Hello James. I am one of your returning customers. .Before purchasing a new movement, I have a question regarding the Kieninger MS001 116 cm movement. Can the strike wiinding barrel be removed from between the plates in order to repair the click spring without completely dismantling the entire movement? I know other movements have slots to accomodate this but this movement does not.

Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.


Fuller Cole
Fuller Cole
2 months ago
Rating :

I didn’t think I could do it but thanks to this helpful page I accomplished removing it.

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