Seth Thomas Movement Identification

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Seth Thomas Movement Identification

Seth Thomas clock movements have identification markings. The Seth Thomas name has been tossed from one company to the next. The short version of these take overs is we are left with three types of Seth Thomas clock movements. The Antique Seth Thomas that produced so many clocks during and long before WW2. Then we have post WW2 Seth Thomas using the German units such as Hermle or Kieninger. In these modern times the name can be found usually on battery operated clock dials. What made this name so famous is back in the Antique days they made there own movements and there own clock cases and the quality was astounding. After the war era they did not make any clock movements anymore but did use Hermle clock movements. This is what we are offering here at Hermle is an excellent quality German made movement for the modern world.

How to tell if the ST is Antique can be done a few ways. The easiest way is if the movement has no pits in the movement plates. Please see the below picture and notice the pattern on the outer plates. The antique Seth Thomas clock movements never had this design pattern on the outer movement plates.

Seth Thomas Movement Identification

The picture displays what I mean by small bumps in the movement plates. So if this sort of design is on your Seth Thomas clock movement we now know some interesting things. The movement was produced between 1950 and 1979, and it was made in Germany. This also means you have a good chance of getting a new movement for the clock from

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