New Seth Thomas Movement

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New Seth Thomas Movement

A new Seth Thomas Movement can ship the same day as ordered. So the turnover time to get the clock running is minimal. The new movement (if available) will cost less than a cleaning and overhaul of the old unit. It will also last much longer. This means the clock will be up and running within a week instead of months. Of course, we are always here to help with the installation. If have a questions, send us an email. We are happy to help.

The new movement

When deciding to purchase a new Seth Thomas movement, remember that Clockworks offers the same movement as the current. The only difference is that it will be brand new. It is exactly the same and not a knock off replacement. Receive a new German movement and not one made by someone else. Usually other companies will make a similar product and sell them for less money, however there will be plastic parts in it. The units we sell are completely brass.

The modern Seth Thomas clocks are made by manufacturers other than Seth Thomas. Their name may be on it as the designer of the clock and the case, but it will not be a Seth Thomas movement that runs the clock. This is true for all clocks made after 1950. It also causes some confusion when replacing the movement. Often enough, a customer will insist that they are replacing a Seth Thomas movement when in fact it is a Hermle.

Replace versus Repair

A new Seth Thomas movement is obviously a better choice. It does not make sense to chase the old movement. Once one thing breaks, another problem will occur. This situation is inevitable. A new movement is more cost effective and has a triple life expectancy. These facts alone should make a new Seth Thomas movement an easy choice. In contrast, a Seth Thomas clock made prior to the end of WW2 is a different story. Those are no longer made. However, send us the movement and we will provide the best restoration.

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6 months ago

I have a Seth Thomas grandmother clock I love dearly. Unfortunately my husband suffered two strokes in 2 years. During recovery he tried to “fix” the clock and took the mechanism out and “stored” it in a cardboard box. There are pieces everywhere. Is it possible to replace the entire clockwork?

Alice Atkins
Alice Atkins
6 months ago

This is all I’ve found sofar…
trend clocks
No (0) jewels
Made in west Germany
85 cm

Jim Goldmeyer
Jim Goldmeyer
1 year ago

Looking for a replacement movement for a Seth Thomas #6413. it is a 8 bell ships movement. Can you find one or do you have one. Thanks.

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