German Seth-Thomas Clock Movements

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German Seth-Thomas Clock Movements

German Seth-Thomas clock movements are still available. Finding a new movement starts with the identification numbers off the back plate. After 1950, ST did not make movements. So, the old unit now has a conversion numbers in order to get a new movement. Currently, Hermle of Germany makes these with the ST number system and ST name. So it is really a Hermle in disguise and put on the market by Seth Thomas. The Seth Thomas name was put on the Hermle movements and then married to the clock case.

How to order

The first step to replace a Seth Thomas clock movement is to get the numbers off of the back plate. If it starts with the letter A, such as A401-003 then it is a ST number and has to get the new conversion number. Find the ST number in the list and write down the conversion number. Then click on that version number. This will direct to where the movement is on the Clockworks website. Reference this number when selecting the options for the movement.

Do not completely trust the chart

The above instructions work as a guide only for Seth-Thomas Clock Movements. Unfortunately, this chart is often wrong. It is meant as basic guide only. This will help determine the series of the movement. It is best to double check the rest of the attributes for accuracy. Things such as CM lengths and hand shaft lengths, for example. Before ordering, email the Seth Thomas number to us. We will verify the information so ensure the correct conversion.

Conclusion for German Seth-Thomas Clock Movements

A new movement is better than even the best repair. These are 25 year movements and Seth Thomas was gone over 40 years ago.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire in year 2022

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