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PS Series Kieninger clock movement

The PS Series Kieninger Clock Movement is a cable driven, two weight movement. They come in either gong strike with one hammer, or bim bam strike with three hammers.

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KIEN-PSG: $450.00
Kieninger Clock MovementKieninger IdentificationOrdering the clock movementWhy get a new Kieninger?

Please view these information tabs to learn more about replacing a Kieninger Clock Movement.

Kieninger clock movement identification

The first step to replace the movement or any components is to first do the identification process on the Kieninger clock movement. To get the new clock movement price and what it includes, we start with the numbers. The numbers are also required to get components of the clock also. Components include pendulums, dials, hands, keys, cranks, chime blocks, mounting screws, weights, pulleys or chains.

Decoding Kieninger clock movements

For example lets say the movement numbers are 81 K 116cm.

  • 1981 =The first numbers 81 is the year made if it is an on older unit. On the new units this number is not the year but only an internal engineering code.
  • K = The K is the movements series. This is the basic raw movement plate size and internal gear configuration.
  • 116CM = The pendulum length in centimeters measured from the top of the movement all the down. Based on the smallest 4 1/2 inch bob diameter.

Kieninger Clock Movement Identification

Dating the Kieninger movement

Above is stated 81 was the date, however this has changed in the later years. After a certain date that first number is no longer the date produced. So it may or may not be the date, but you can just ignore that first number when replacing the unit. There is no longer a solid way to date the Kieninger clock movement unless it is stamped on the plate.

We can help

The new movement will fit into the clock case just as the old one did. Keep using the same components such as the dial, pendulum, chime block and weights. If it is a weight driven clock it will come with the chains or cables with pulleys. If this decoding process is confusing, just email the numbers or a picture to [email protected] Kieninger clock movement questions and ordering can be done by phone also 800-381-7458.

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Kieninger Clock Movement Ordering

Kieninger Clock Movement Ordering starts with the numbers off of the back plate of the clockworks. The numbers help us figure out the correct unit by plate size. After we get the plate size we narrow it down by attributes such as triple chime. In other works all the units that have the letter K on the back will have the same plate size. After we determine we have a K series we select things like triple chime or Westminster only. If there is any uncommon things added after that we select it. Such as sequential or carousal or other special qualities added such as this.

Steps to a new Kieninger clock movement

First go to the letter that is stamped on the movement only. If for example the movement number is 81 K 116cm ignore all but the K at first. Find the K series on the Kieninger movement page at Then we can continue with matching up the CM in the drop down list.

Attribute selection

On that same drop down list with the CM listed there are some other options usually. The options to select are the specific quality's the movement may or may not have on the movement. Such things as Westminster only or triple chime. If there is dancers on the movement it may say carousel. Just pick the what ever movement you have that matches the options.

After ordering the Kieninger movement

After ordering the new Kieninger clock movement a receipt will be emailed. The installation instructions will be provided via a link on the receipt. Weight driven units ships with the chains or cables with pulleys included. The new movement will ship the next business day by Fed Ex ground.

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New Clock Movement Benefits

New clock movement benefits far outweigh the benefits of an overhaul. This section will explain why that is and what the best course of action is to get your clock working.

Getting the movement worked on

Clocks need to have fresh oil after 10 years or so. Then, after 20 or 30 years, a full break down of the movement is necessary. This is all well and good and can be done with the old movement. The movement will run for another 5 or 15 years with no issues but then it will be time to do it again. So obviously this is a new clock movement benefit.

The content of this website is copyright by Clockworks and written by James Stoudenmire

PS Series Kieninger clock movement

The PS Series Kieninger Clock Movement is a cable driven, two weight movement. They come in either gong strike with one hammer, or bim bam strike with three hammers.

Hand Shaft measuring

The hand shaft is measured from the front plate of the movement and all the way out. That is to the very end of the minute hand nut threads. This measurement is done in millimeters and only has to match what we offer. It is not always an easy thing to measure, the dial and hands need to be off the clock. There is a gear or two in the way of getting this but again, we need it from the front plate and out.

Hand Shaft length note

The hand shaft length has never come in any other lengths that we have to offer. So if the length measured is approximate this is fine. Just round it to the nearest length listed and it will be correct.

Why a new PS Kieninger movement

Replacing a movement is less costly than a overhaul. The PS Series Kieninger Clock Movement last 25 years before needing an over haul, but since its still being made at a fair price it is so much better just to replace. The PS or PSO movement (same thing) will be problem free right away instead of months, last longer than a overhaul and comes oiled.

What the PS Series Kieninger Clock comes with

This high quality PS Series Kieninger clock movement comes oiled and includes its cables, pulleys, leader, suspension spring and hand nut. The movement will have removal and installation instructions and our support.

Kieninger movement decoding

An older Kieninger clock movement will have the date first, then the series "PS or PSO" and the CM length on the back plate of the movement. Such as 83 PS 80CM. However the first number on in the later years was no longer a date code and more of an internal code for the factory.

Movement removal and installation

Removal of the is easy and we provide instructions for the installation. This PS Series Kieninger Clock Movement is in stock and can ship today. We are full time clock makers and retailers both, so if you need any assistance with install we can help.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
CM Length

65cm, 80cm

Hand Shaft Length

32mm, 36mm

Strike Style

Gong, Bim Bam

Kieninger Movement P Series

  • Pendulum Unit
  • 1 Hammer back
  • German Made
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Factory Oiled

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