Kieninger Clock Movement Availability

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Kieninger Clock Movement Availability

Most Kieninger mechanical clock movements are available and in stock. However, some Kieninger clock movement availability fluctuates back and forth. For instance, the H series movement will be in production for awhile and then it will go dormant. In other words, it is made for a short period of time and then the manufacturer will cease production for a period of time.

Similarly, other Kieninger clock movements are no longer available such as the popular 5 tubular bell Grandfather unit. So a restoration is the best option for this type of movement. Often, a restoration is the only option when a movement becomes obsolete. Also, when it comes to high end movements such as that one, the repair would be less expensive than a new one. Usually this is not the case but for these it is. In short, if there is any question about the movement you want to replace, just send an email and Clockworks will be able to sort out the availability of the Kieninger clock movement.

Kieninger identification

Above all, Kieninger clock movements can be a bit tricky to tell what the exact movement is. Of course, the movement provides only part of the movement identification. Then, it is up to us to use the chart to figure out the rest of it. Thus narrowing down to the correct movement by selecting chain driven or cable driven. Also,the pendulum length, and so on. Again, if there is any question on Kieninger clock movement availability, just get in contact with us for assistance. Of course we realize this can be tough to figure out so we are always happy to help with this process.

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