Kieninger KSU Clock Movement Parts – Front Diagram


New movement parts for the K series Kieninger series.

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Kien-K PRTS: $5.00$100.00
ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
AHammerSold Individually, with screw and tipNew$5.00
BFront Plate6x9 Front plate of the movementNew$50.00
CRackSaw tooth rack that counts the strikesNew$10.00
DANSO leverTurns on or off the auto night shut offNew$10.00
ESelector SwitchGoes through the dial to select from the frontNew$5.00
FStopworksSold as a set, so weights not go to far up or downNew$10.00
GANSO CamAuto night shut off activation cam wheelNew$10.00
HHour SnailThe tube and snail that holds the hour handNew$10.00
IHand ShaftThe long post that holds the minute handNew$25.00
JChime CamDetermines the quarterly chime outputNew$10.00
KWinding ArborTo wind the clock cables and holds the cable drum inNew$10.00
LCableSingle clock cable with Ends that is .040 thick and 112inch in lengthNew$12.00
MPulleyCable pulley to hang the clock weight 1 3/4 wideNew$22.00

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Chime Hammer, B = Front Plate, C = Rack, D = ANSO Lever, E = Selector Switch, F = Stopworks Set, G = ANSO Cam, H = Hour Snail, I = Handshaft, J = Chime Cam, K = Winding Arbor, L = Cable, M = Pulley

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TOBIAS T Montoya
TOBIAS T Montoya

l’m looking for a part, i see the part however there is no character
by the part

Stephanie Stoudenmire

Which part are you looking for?

Ray Egerton

Hello, I recent;y acquired a Howard Miller Floor Clock, Model Number 610-241, with a Howard MIller Germany made (sic, Kieninger) movement, Number UW03051B 8206. I have 2 questions; 1) I have been trying to fix the actual vintage of the clock with no success, can you help with an approximate year, or range of years of manufacture for this clock?, 2) the clock was stored most improperly for at least several years, if not longer. The cabinetry is in need of deep cleaning and revitalization of the wood finish. I have a firm handle on that, the movement is only… Read more »