Kieninger KSU Movement Parts – Side Diagram


New movement parts for the K series Kieninger series.

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Kien-K PRTS Side: $10.00$50.00
ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
AStrike FlyGoverns the speed of the striking, so it will not strike fastNew$10.00
BFly WheelOne wheel down from the fly and has a small post the top of the wheelNew$10.00
C3rd Wheel3rd up from the cable drum, the drum being the first wheelNew$10.00
DSecond Wheel2rd up from the cable drum, the drum being the first wheelNew$20.00
ECable DrumComplete with cable, wheel, arbor, this is the first wheelNew$35.00
FHand ShaftThis is the long post the minute hand mounts tooNew$20.00

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Strike Fly, B = Fly Wheel, C = 3rd Wheel, D = Second Wheel, E = Cable Drum, F = Hand Shaft

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Dee Loughlin
Dee Loughlin

Does anyone know where I can purchase a refurbished or decent pendulum for my Sligh 0864-2-AN? The pendulum fell straight down shearing the timing belt. I was told that I would need a new pendulum as this is all, on piece? I was given a price of $300. Is this fair? I’m disabled and really can’t afford to start rebuilding the entire clock before I finally fix the problem. It is a beautiful piece, its been in this condition for three months now, and it truly sickens me to see it this way. Any help would be much, much appreciated.… Read more »