Kieninger KSU Movement Parts – Back Diagram


New movement parts for the K series Kieninger series.

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Kien-K PRTS Back: $3.00$150.00
ID LetterPart NameDescriptionNew / UsedPrice
AHammerSold Individually, with screw and tipNew$5.00
BSelector SwitchGoes through the dial so you can select somethingNew$5.00
CBackplate6x9 back plate of the movementNew$150.00
DSuspension PostThe post the suspension spring hangs on, then the pendulumNew$20.00
EStrike AssemblyStrike hammer assembly with 4 hammers and rods with postNew$30.00
FCrutch and VergeThe part that wacks the pendulum back and forth and the anchor on topNew$40.00
GRoll PinChime roll pin that makes the hammers play a tuneNew$15.00
HChime WheelRear wheel that activates the chime hammer assemblyNew$10.00
IWind Arbor BushingRear bushing that holds the winding arbor pivotNew$10.00
JStrike SpringReturns the strike hammers via spring powerNew$2.00

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Letter ID

A = Hammer, B = Selector Switch, C = Backplate, D = Suspension Post, E = Strike Assembly, F = Crutch and Verge, G = Roll Pin, H = Chime Wheel, I = Winding Arbor Bushing, J = Strike Spring

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